Jiu Jiu Peaks Hiking Trail

Jiu Jiu Peaks Hiking Trail
Jiu Jiu Peaks Hiking Trail

A place closest to the fairy

It is located at the back of the museum, and it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the entrance of the mountain. The total length is about 1930 meters, and the round-trip time is about 1 hour. The trail has two entrances at the north end and the south end.



"In a place where there is a fairy, build an art museum."


But where is the "Xian"?


Taking advantage of the comfortable temperature in the early morning, I climbed the Jiujiu Peak Trail. I walked into the mountain forest from the southern end, stepped on the stone stairs, and stepped into the trees.

The air at this time, with the moistness of the night, and the breath of the leaf veins, hit the nose and skin,


A feeling of being gently enveloped by the earth came slowly.

Follow the stone steps to wander upward in the woods, look up and see the faint sunlight reflected in the eyes through the leaves,

And the dark green mountain eyes faintly exposed by the mist, the clouds gradually recede at this moment,

Instead, there is a strong sunshine and a clear sky.


Occasionally the great crested vulture flies in the distant sky, accompanied by birdsong, swaying for a long time in the blue sky where the clouds and mists have dissipated,

The wind rustled the leaves, whispering in my ears,


The sound of cicadas in summer finally came from all directions, and every sound was exhausted.

After walking the stairs, you reach the top of the mountain, and you can see the villages scattered with houses and rice fields.

And the clear dark green mountains happened to form a contrast with the blue sky,

After climbing up the Jiujiufeng trail next to the art museum, I realized that the immortal is here,



This is the closest place to Xian.


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