Zhongxing New Village

Zhongxing New Village
Zhongxing New Village

Green flow in old times

Located in Zhongxing New Village in Nantou City, it is about 15-20 minutes' drive from the art museum. It covers an area of more than 200 hectares. It imitates the British garden town planning. Cycling in the afternoon.



Zhongxing New Village is a beautiful part of the childhood memories of many local people. Every time I go to the holiday children's park, the children's laughter never stops. Even if we did not grow up in the military dependents' village, this piece of land is still emotional. .


In addition to the children's park, there is a large playground where kites can be flown, as well as a third market with many delicacies, etc., which is very suitable for visiting in the sunny afternoon.

You can---

Under the terminal tree, ride the swing and walk with the wind,

Spread a blanket on the grass, embrace the earth tenderly,

Or standing on the playground in the red dust, waiting for the arrival of the wind with the kite,

When the heat hits, go to the eaves and order a cup of sour plum soup to cool off the heat.



Between travelers and residents, this military dependents village, which has survived for half a century, will continue to maintain its vitality.

Reel Walking Market │ Let's go to the market under the tree together!
On the last weekend of every month, in the camphor tree forest next to the Zhongxing Grand Playground, for two consecutive afternoons, I fly kites and visit the market.
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