Double Winter Double Ten Suspension Bridge

Double Winter Double Ten Suspension Bridge
Double Winter Double Ten Suspension Bridge

Across Wuxi, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Jiujiu Peak

The Double Ten Suspension Bridge, located about a five-minute drive from the Art Museum, holds the title of the longest suspension bridge in Taiwan. It spans the Wuxi Bridge, connecting Pinglinli and Shuangdongli, with a total length of 360 meters. It was built in the 38th year of the Republic of China and completed in 102.


The suspension bridge built half a century ago has not lost his firm standing because of time, and it is still as magnificent as it was fifty years ago, leaving good memories for tourists.
On the day we arrived at the suspension bridge, it was very windy. There were a lot of poultry under the entrance on both sides, and there were also abandoned plastic slides.
That's a crocodile slide that is less common in modern parks, and the sense of time is pulled back a little at this time because of the crocodile slide.

The renovated suspension bridge is more stable, and walking on the suspension bridge does not feel too much shaking. Even if the wind was strong that day, the bridge still stood calmly in place.
Looking upstream, you can see National Highway No. 6 in front of the mountains. Vehicles come and go. There is a modern concrete bridge not far downstream, which is exactly what we passed before heading to the suspension bridge.
And the sound of the stream continued to flow downstream with a bit of urgency and tension. As we walked on the bridge, no matter which direction we looked at, we felt a sense of isolation.
But that's not negative, it's just staying here peacefully alone, listening to the sound of gurgling water and the steam and locomotive whizzing by in the distance, only to realize that,
what! I'm still here!

When we left, there was a huge black dog lying on the road in front of the suspension bridge, but his eyes watched us leave very tenderly.

After leaving, my friend said to me: Don't you think the suspension bridge was erected in the past time and space?


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