About the YU-HSIU

The Shangri-La of Realistic Art

After four years of diligent efforts, a secluded, mountain-surrounded museum of realistic art was finally born.

This private museum is a realistic art museum that focuses on research, and is located at the foot of Ninety-nine Peak in Caotun, Nantou. It is embedded in mountains with superb surrounding sceneries. The exceptional natural environment makes the museum the Shangri-la away from the mundane hustle and bustle.

For an ideal of “one should accomplish one meaningful thing in life,” the founders as well as husband and wife, Mr. Ing-ming Hour and Mrs. Yu-hsiu Ye have united many people’s hearts and efforts to create this museum, of which the architecture and the surroundings are perfectly integrated.

During the four years of the museum’s construction, we have also been promoting alley aesthetics in Ping-Lin Neighborhood. While tourists take a walk in the neighborhood, they could appreciate artworks on the streets and in the alleys and experience the leisurely country life. When you enter the neighborhood, it is like visiting a wall-free, borderless artistic zone. As visitors immerse in the delicate, realistic artworks in the museum, they could also unhurriedly admire the harmonious integration of art and life in the alley art.

Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art solely concentrates on realistic art, and its main objective is to enable the public appreciation of realistic art worldwide through the exhibitions, collection, research, and education activities in the museum. Meanwhile, the museum aims to increase people’s comprehension of realistic art in Taiwan, and to introduce Taiwanese realistic art to the world through this artistic institution.

In addition to consistently presenting excellent exhibitions, the museum emphasizes on the research of Taiwanese realistic art as well, for which we have specially created a library that contains theoretical publications and artistic catalogues of Taiwanese realistic art after 1960. It is open to researchers and intrigued public to study in the museum and will allow more people to understand the historical development of realistic art in Taiwan.

This brand new museum of realistic art was open in January, 2016. We welcome you with joy and gratitude, and together, we shall encounter remarkable realistic artworks and witness the ultimate achievement and greatness of mankind’s artistic creation.

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