Privacy policy

Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art Website Privacy Policy

The content of the privacy protection policy, including how this website handles the personally identifiable information collected when you use the website services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to related linked websites other than this website, nor does it apply to persons not entrusted or involved in the management of this website. When you browse the web, contact us, and participate in website activities, we will collect your personal information and keep your basic personal information in the server host. During normal browsing, the server will record relevant actions by itself, including your use of the connected device.IPAddress, usage time, browser used, browsing and clicking data records, etc. As a reference for us to improve our website services, this record is the application reference for our internal development of website services and will never be released to the public.

Yuxiu Art Museum website will never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal data to other groups or individuals. Only in the following cases:
with your consent to share information;
Use your data for academic research analysis as required for museological statistical analysis and audience structure surveys;
When the judicial unit requests the website of Yuxiu Art Museum to provide specific personal information due to public safety, the website of Yuxiu Art Museum will take the legal and formal procedures of the judicial unit and make possible necessary cooperation for the safety of all users of the website of Yuxiu Art Museum;
There are violations of any Yuxiu Art Museum website. Zheng Yuxiu Art Museum website will revise the policy from time to time. When we make major changes to our rules on the use of personal data, we will post a notice on our website to notify you of the relevant matter. Yuxiu Art Museum website hosts are equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures to protect the website and your personal data.