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  • Guided Tours
  • Group reservation
  • Service Facilities
  • Getting Here
  • Priority
  • Visit Information

  • The museum isPrivate art gallery, free to visit, by appointment only
  • How to make an appointment

  • There are individual and group reservations.
    • Individual reservation: 9 people or less
    Group reservation: 10-45 people (including tour leader)

    Online reservation: online reservation system (free membership, 24-hour online reservation)
    Telephone reservation: 049-2572999 (please call during the opening hours of the museum, at least one day before the visit to make an appointment,Same-day phone reservations are not accepted)

    After the appointment is completed, the system will send an appointment confirmation letter to the email address and mobile phone provided by you.
    QR code or reservation number must be presented at check-in, please keep (print or screenshot) the reservation code and related visit information as the basis for visit registration, reservation inquiry and reservation cancellation.
  • Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-17:00, Thursday 10:00-15:00
    Closed on Mondays and national holidays
    2022 special closing days:
    05/01(Sun)Closed on Labor Day
  • Precautions for visiting

  • To maintain viewing quality, please observe the following precautions

    1. Eating and drinking, taking photos and using communication software are prohibited in the exhibition hall, and carry-on luggage, cameras, and mobile phones must be stored in cooperation (the park is not restricted).
    2. Wear a mask throughout the park and exhibition hall, and prohibit eating and drinking
    3. Please register before the reserved time slot. The time slot will be reserved for 30 minutes. Those who fail to arrive after the time limit will be deemed to be cancelled.

Guide service

  • Audio guide

  • Audience: Individual reservation audience
    Fee: 100 yuan/set, and mortgage a certificate. Available rental times: 10:00-15:00 (Thursday 10:00-13:00)
  • Group tour

  • Target: Groups of 10 or more (inclusive)
    Fee: 150/person
    Guided hours: 10:00 and 14:00 (Only 10:00 on Thursdays)
    Guide time: about 90 minutes
    Free guided tours: School units below high school (including), and groups with disabilities, with relevant certificates, free guided tours.
  • Precautions

  • 1. Please call two weeks before the visit to confirm the tour itinerary.
    2. There is a 20-minute buffer time for group tours, and overtime will be regarded as giving up.
    3. If you want to postpone or cancel the reservation of the group tour for any reason, please notify the museum by phone one week before the visit.

Group reservation

  • Group reservation

  • Groups of 10-45 people (groups over 45 people are not allowed to visit). Reservation is required at least 14 days in advance.
  • How to make an appointment

  • Online reservation: 24-hour online reservation system
    Telephone reservation: 049-2572999
  • Precautions

  • 1. All members of the group need to register with real names.
    2. If you need a group tour, please check the tour time slot when making an appointment to visit, so as to facilitate the arrangement of the tour guide. If no request is made at the time of reservation, the tour guide request will not be accepted.
    2. Group tour time: 10:00 and 14:00 (Only 10:00 is available on Thursday)
    3. If the group visit is postponed or cancelled due to any reason, please notify the museum by phone one week before the visit.
    4. To use the group locker, you need to escort the team leader (leader) certificate. After the tour is over and the team members return all the locker keys, the team leader certificate will not be returned.
    5. Provide bus parking lot.

Service Facilities

  • Cultural and Creative Store

  • Featured cultural and creative products, exhibition publications, exhibition special issues, art books, artists' cultural and creative products, imported brand cultural and creative products...etc.
    go to pick
  • Accessibility assistance

  • Accessible ramps, accessible toilets, elevators and wheelchair rentals.
  • Nursing room, changing table

  • To use the nursing room and changing table, please go toExhibition hallService desk consultation.


The location of the art museum is difficult to reach, so please arrange more transportation time in the itinerary.
Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art Address: No. 26, Lane 150, Jianxing Road, Pinglinli, Caotun Town, Nantou County, 54245

  • drive by yourself

  • National Highway No. 3 passes through the 214 Wufeng System Interchange, then connects to National Highway No. 6, then goes down to Dongcaotun Interchange, passes through Yong'an Road, and then connects to Taiwan Line 14 Zhongtan Highway. After 27.5 kilometers, turn to Jianxing Road, you can see the indicator, follow the OK. Parking: The museum provides parking for small and large cars.
  • high speed rail

  • Take the high-speed rail to and transfer to Nantou Bus 6670 bound for Puli (provincial highway) → get off at Pinglin Station → walk for about 20 minutes.
  • passenger, train

  • By bus or train to
    Transfer to Taichung Bus 6899 (via CIC, via Taiwan Line 3), Nantou Bus 6899 (provincial highway) → get off at Pinglin Station → walk for about 20 minutes.
    Transfer to All Air Passenger Line 6268 Taichung Puli (via CIC and Wufeng) toflatGet off at Linli Station → walk about 20 minutes
    Take the bus to Caotun
    Transfer to "Ludong Line 3 Caotun Town Office - Pinglin Shuangdong" → get off at the entrance of Yuxiu Art Museum
    Nantou Bus 6670 Route Map and Timetable
    Route map of Taichung Bus 6899 (every 15-20 minutes),
    Nantou Bus 6899 Route Map and Timetable
    Route map and timetable of 6268 passenger traffic
  • Art Gallery and Week
    Side attractions distance

  • travel time
    About 5 minutes to Dongcaotun Interchange on National Highway 6.
    It is about 1 minute to the entrance of the Jiujiu Peak Nature Reserve.
    About 25 minutes to Puli.
    About 45 minutes to Sun Moon Lake.

Art and common prosperity

  • In order to facilitate art professionals to visit the museum, practitioners of public and private museums enjoy free admission to visit the museum.

    1. Please show your business card at the reception desk, and you can bring a companion to enter the venue.
    2. If the total number of guests (including accompanying companions) exceeds 5, they must call in advance to make an appointment.
    3. The museum reserves the right to adjust this activity.