Pingding camphor tree

Pingding camphor tree
Pingding camphor tree

Pingding Qigu Shenmu is regarded as a sacred tree by the locals

The big camphor tree in Pingding grew here before the ancestors came to Taiwan.
The tree is said to be about 1,600 years old, with a height of 32 meters, a bust of 8 meters and a crown width of 800 square meters.
Known as Zhangshu Gong, it is the third largest camphor tree in Taiwan.

The surrounding environment of Shenmu is planned to be comfortable and pleasant, sitting under the shade of the tree, chatting leisurely, making tea,
The breeze is blowing, and the body and mind are comfortable. The altitude here is about 340 meters, which is suitable for half-day mountaineering and leisure travel.


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