Immersing in Mountains: Dissolving the Boundaries




Three different styles of realistic paintings, three descriptions of mountains and forests with different themes, and three different moods of consciousness flow

Yuxiu Art Museum's first joint exhibition "Near the Mountains: What is the Boundary" in the spring of 2021 invites three Taiwanese artists, Lu Xianming, Hong Tianyu and Lin Weixiang, to lead us back to the mountains and forests through paintings, rethinking the increasingly chaotic relationship between nature and human beings borders. The cultural and creative store space is also planning a solo exhibition of young Taiwanese artist brands for the first time. The first "In Between" invites Fxiii Jian Jingfang to exhibit realistic embroidery works like illustrations. The mountain in "Near Mountain: What is the Boundary?" refers to all things in nature. With the development of civilization and technology, the geographical boundaries between nature and human beings have long merged and converged. So how should we adjust the way we get close to Him?


On the first floor, Lu Xianming's "Old Tree Period" works are exhibited. Compared with the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of trees, he focuses on depicting tree trunks. He uses delicate thin painting techniques and a network of lines to express the restraint and quietness of the banyan tree. The blank background filters the city. Noise, examine the essence of life in a clean and pure situation. Hong Tianyu's "Disaster Landscape" on the second floor seems to be the epitome of ecological catastrophe. The series of works of the same name often take decades to record. Under the contradiction between human development and environmental protection, he constantly retreats. The paintings are bright and full of colors. "Instead, it is evidence of the perpetrator's aggression and deprivation. On the third floor, Lin Weixiang's spiritual hometown is exhibited. He uses light oil paints and watercolors, and smooth brushstrokes to show the obscure changes of the mountain scenery, which makes the viewer feel the flow of clouds, mist, water and wind, as if breathing in the breath with the mountains and forests, and the mind is like the scenery. All are unknown realms, waiting for the viewer to slowly explore the awareness.


In the exhibition hall, you will feel the change of sight and mental state through the climbing of the body, from plain and clear, complicated and delicate to abstract flow. Among them, is there a way for you to get close to nature?


Works by artist Lu Xianming on the first floor






Works by artist Hong Tianyu on the second floor



Works by artist Lin Weixiang on the third floor





Cultural and Creative Store Fxiii Embroidery Illustration Exhibition "Between"



In addition to the peripheral products and special editions on display, Yuxiu Art Museum's cultural and creative store also displays and sells many Taiwanese brands and crafts, increasing the exposure platform for local creators, and is deeply loved by the audience. It is the first time to plan a solo exhibition of young Taiwanese artist brands. The first one invites Fxiii Jian Jingfang's embroidery and illustration exhibition "Between". The interwoven patterns of different colors fill the space circled by human limbs, representing countries, people and people. Unknown possibilities between nature, future and past.



"Near the Mountains: What is the Boundary?" Exhibition Information


Exhibition location

Floor 1-3, Yuxiu Art Museum (No. 26, Lane 150, Jianxing Road, Pinglinli, Caotun Town, Nantou County)

Exhibition time

2021/1/30 – 2021/6/13

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-17: 00, Thursday 10: 00-15: 00

Epidemic prevention measures

Please cooperate with wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and measuring your forehead temperature

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