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A psychedelic scene where the real and the fake blend

Nantou Caotun Yuxiu Art Museum is committed to promoting contemporary realistic art and presenting a variety of realistic exhibitions to the audience, but if the works are unbelievable in front of you, do you believe in the artist's tricky and exquisite techniques or what you see with your own eyes? "On Site - Liao Jianzhong Solo Exhibition "Bringing "pretend" everyday objects into the art museum confuses the audience's perception and subverts our common perception of artistic aesthetics. This time, 17 pieces from the Yuxiu Art Museum's collection are also on display, reviewing the wonderful works of international and Taiwanese realistic artists. When you walk into the Yuxiu Art Museum, which is rumored to be the peach blossom garden in the mountains and the first prize for architecture in Taiwan, you see a collapsed telephone pole, a crashed satellite, a car jack in the exhibition hall, a suspended freight elevator, and a malfunction occurs. The sound of the water pump, do you suspect that you are going to the wrong place?


Liao Jianzhong uses techniques such as "surface engineering method" and "pretend learning" to make everyday objects extremely realistic, attacking the public's beautiful fantasy of art palaces and breaking the boundaries of how works can be viewed. The toilet in the "live" is a work of art, so how can we be sure that the toilet in the toilet is really usable? In the exhibition hall, we scrutinized the objects in front of us with trepidation, for fear of being put together by the artist, but have we ever been so careful and microscopic about the things that exist in real life?


Works (left), Works (right)






Work (left), work (right)


Yuxiu Art Museum Collection Exhibition



Since its establishment in 2016, Yuxiu Art Museum has been committed to becoming a platform for the exchange and display of contemporary realistic art between the world and Taiwan. In this exhibition, the third floor of the museum will present 17 works in the collection, including oil paint, charcoal and pencil sketches, 3D raster images, pottery and composite media, etc. In addition to presenting 6 paintings by Director Li Zuxin at one time , and also includes works by artists from Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy and other places, allowing the audience to re-operate the steering wheel of thinking, or even turn off the fire and return to zero, while enjoying the realistic creations from all over the world, and ask art again. The form and essence of creation also allow us to reflect on the relationship between the public and the physical exhibition space while facing the gradual routine of the pneumonia epidemic, and challenge the behavior and method of the audience to receive art. Liao Jianzhong's "live" may not be present or present at all, but rather reveals a broader perspective on art performance.



"Near the Mountains: What is the Boundary?" Exhibition Information


Exhibition location

Floor 1-3, Yuxiu Art Museum, Park (No. 26, Lane 150, Jianxing Road, Pinglinli, Caotun Town, Nantou County)

Exhibition time

2020/9/12 – 2021/1/10

Opening hours

Visiting by appointment only, closed on national holidays and Mondays. Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-17: 00, Thursday 10: 00-15: 00

Epidemic prevention measures

Please cooperate with wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and measuring your forehead temperature

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