The Poetic Realm



Poetry that touches everyday life

Yuxiu Art Museum's second exhibition "Poetic Dimension" in 2021 will be opened to welcome the audience after the epidemic is lifted. Twelve artists from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Romania and other countries will be gathered to start from "personal consciousness", through " The space exploration of “Daily Slices” and finally the dialectic of “truth and fiction”. When these works in different contexts are juxtaposed at the same time, what kind of folds and ripples will they produce with the viewer?

"Poeticity" in the exhibition refers to various ways of talking about and looking at the world. It can also be seen as the process of the artist dealing with or facing things in life, because the poeticity is extended and inclusive. The participating artists include Miwa Ogasawara, Wang Yahui, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Ana Maria Micu, Li Ruomei, Qiu Chenghong, Lin Guanming , Xu Ruiqian, Suda Yoshihiro, Yang Jijuan, Marina Cruz, Hiraki Sawa, with 50 paintings, sculptures, objects, installations, photography, video and other works, show Poetry in Realistic Art.


Natural experience, family memory from personal consciousness

Taiwanese artist Li Ruomei's "Remaining Landscape" series of works traces the history of the king coconut tree in the urban landscape. Combining sketches and paper sculptures, in the process of continuous copying, drawing, printing and cutting, the shadow of the tree has become a quasi-specimen form. Conjuring landscapes with still lifes that recreate the time that has passed. Filipino artist Marina Cruise is active in the international art world. By magnifying local details of fabrics, signs of wear and stains emerge one by one. The clothes that these grandmothers sewed for her mother's childhood are not only copies of family history, but also Projecting the interconnected life experiences of female characters.






Wander the private and bizarre scenes in daily life

The scenes painted by Romanian artist Ana Maria Miku are familiar fragments of life, repeatedly expressing plants, objects and light in the surrounding space, focusing on the multi-faceted self-expression. Taiwanese artist Yang Jijuan’s work “Plastonki—Journey” uses coastal space installations, scientific narration, and ceramic artifacts scattered on the beach, allowing viewers to enter into the fables she created. Taiwanese emerging artist Xu Ruiqian's "Bathroom" series of works are close to daily creations, reshaping the materials in the private field. When the familiar soap cleaning scent is vaguely released in the space, the inertial movements of the body and objects are intertwined, making We have a poetic perspective on seeing matter.






Reading Real Images and Fictional Illusions From Inner Mental State

Japanese video artist Ze Taku, whose works are collected in major art galleries around the world, is good at arranging visual elements, piecing together dream-like scenes, flipping the perception of things he knows, and conjuring the sophistication of time and space. Taiwanese artist Wang Yahui writes poetry through video elements. The old houses and forests in the video works of "Visitor" and "Ye Dong" have long ceased to exist in real life, but they reappear in the moment they are viewed. This is her exploration of video. The meaning of time and space.


Under the epidemic, the museum reservation system will not be affected



Although the process of organizing the exhibition has become more difficult due to the raging epidemic, I still thank Android Art, Jizai Art Space, Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation (Art Bank) and other borrowers for their cooperation and support, which made this exhibition go smoothly. Ye Yuxiu, founder of Yuxiu Art Museum, said: "In order to maintain a good quality of viewing, the museum has adopted the reservation system for the past five years, and the number of visitors per hour is set, which is also in line with the current epidemic prevention measures. In the same way, before the micro-unblocking allows the opening of the museum, the museum has already made preparations to welcome the audience. However, in order to ensure the museum staff and each audience, the museum still reduces the number of visitors and extends the exhibition until the end of the year. Everyone avoids large gatherings in a short period of time to provide a safer environment for viewing the exhibition.”


"Poetic Dimension" Exhibition Information


Exhibition location

Floor 1-3, Yuxiu Art Museum (No. 26, Lane 150, Jianxing Road, Pinglinli, Caotun Town, Nantou County)

Exhibition time

2021/6/28 – 2021/12/26

Opening hours

Visiting by appointment only, closed on national holidays and Mondays. Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-17: 00, Thursday 10: 00-15: 00

Epidemic prevention measures

Please cooperate with wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and measuring your forehead temperature

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