[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 6

November 17, 2016 Nantou County Fugui Elementary School

Fugui Elementary School is a 15-minute drive from the art museum and has 39 students. A teacher shared with us that since a part-time art teacher came to teach, the students began to "become" very good at drawing.
The teacher's words pointed out the importance of the art classes of professional art teachers to the students' "Art Literacy". On this day, the part-time art teacher did not schedule classes and could not come to the art museum together.
Therefore, a two-stage course with the theme of "Painting Talk" is planned by the education and promotion staff of the art museum, so that students can understand and learn how painters make paintings speak and communicate with the world through paintings.
The first stage: I led the students to watch Lian Jianxing's works at various stages in the exhibition "I Wish to Walk the Island Country Only Deep Gaze: The Magic of Lian Jianxing", to understand the connection between the scenes in the paintings and the environment in which the artist grew up. The paintings Narrative objects in the painting further imagine the meaning that the artist wants to convey through the painting.
In the second stage, the familiar objects of the students were extracted from Lian Jianxing's works, and the students were led to learn Lian Jianxing's creative technique of combining "landscape and objects" to draw a scene for each object.
After lunch, the students in the lower, middle and upper grades each took up an area in the outdoor park to create, practice placing objects on the drawing paper, and then began to tell stories with pictures. It is most interesting to listen to the younger children describe the stories they created. Although the composition and brushwork are simple and abstract, the stories are imaginative and imaginative.

We sincerely hope that every Elementary School child can have a professional art teacher from an early age, who will lead them to use different media to describe their imagination in detail, so that the stories of words and words can be presented through art works.
Thank you to the sponsor of the sixth class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum" - Rotary Club of Taichung City North District. Because of your sponsorship, 39 students from Fugui Elementary School in Guoxing Township, Nantou County can come to Yuxiu Art Museum An art class on "Painting".


thank you sponsor


Rotary Club of North District, Taichung City

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