【My art class is in the art gallery】The 5th class

November 16, 2016 Yanfeng Elementary School in Nantou County

Cultivating sensibility and expression through art~

A particularly naughty male student was named by the teacher to share his experience after class. He walked forward generously, picked up the microphone and said, "I think this class in the art gallery is a great class!", This domineering and concise opening remark made the teachers and librarians laugh.
This is the memory that the art museum hopes to bury in the hearts of children through "My art class is in the art museum". We hope that when you grow up, you will always remember the wonderful experience of visiting art museums in your childhood, so that visiting art museums can always be part of your daily life. in life.
Yanfeng Elementary School is the museum-school partner of the art museum. By participating in the pre-exhibition training program of the art museum, the school's art teachers plan to use the art museum's exhibitions, art works, and educational promotion activities as extension resources for the school's art education.
In the classroom of the school, the art teacher introduced the artist Lian Jianxing and the exhibition works, and guided the students to visit the art museum for extended study during the holidays. At the same time, considering that there are many disadvantaged children in the school, they cannot go to the art museum accompanied by their parents, and especially brought this group of senior students to the art museum for art classes.
Although the students had already appreciated Lian Jianxing's works through briefings in class before the visit, when they entered the art gallery and saw the real paintings, they were able to see many surprises.

The students shared: (1) Looking at Lian Jianxing's works, I have a concept of life in animals; (2) Art is imagination, not limited; (3) Seeing the original works, you can observe the artist's painting skills, learning Details; (4) Painting can express emotions; (6) Whether it is children's graffiti or artist's work, it can make the world a better place...and so on.
The school's language teacher also accompanied the students to the art gallery. In addition to listening to the students' sharing, the language teacher also taught the students various words and phrases that can be used to express their feelings and thoughts.
In this class, under the care of the teachers, the art museum is used in a variety of teaching resources for art and Chinese classes, so that students are more engaged in learning and more interested in learning.
Thank you to the patron of the fifth class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum" - Rotary Club of Taichung City North District. Because of your sponsorship, 45 senior students from Yanfeng Elementary School in Nantou County came to Yuxiu Art Museum for a training session. Art class for sensibility and expression.


thank you sponsor


Rotary Club of North District, Taichung City