【My art class is in the art gallery】 Lesson 7

November 22, 2016 Mingzheng Elementary School, Taichung City

Education is like sowing, working hard, and looking forward to the harvest in the future~
Today, we sowed another acre of beautiful fertile land~

Mingzheng Elementary School is a rural primary school located in Dongshi District, Taichung City. There are only four buses entering the village every day, so it is difficult for students to visit and study in other places. Through the "My Art Class in the Art Museum" program, students can look at the outside world, get in touch with different people and things, and gain different learning and experiences. The leading teacher also said frankly that the art classes in the school are taught by tutors or non-art teachers. Although they can also bring children to the study of art, they are still far from the teaching of professional art teachers.
The educators of the art museum greeted the students at the entrance of the park at 10:00 on time, took the students through the artificial corridor to learn about building materials and architectural design, and then entered the main museum to visit the exhibition.
Under the promotion of the principal of Mingzheng Elementary School in silent reading (all teachers and students read for 20 minutes every day from 07:45-08:050), they can quickly calm down to watch the works and listen to the guided tour. Although the students in the rural primary schools are somewhat affected by family factors, their academic performance and effectiveness are affected, but through caring and dedicated teachers, they really have the opportunity to let their learning and growth not be limited by their family background.
The teacher happily shared with us that this is the second time the school has brought students to the museum. Because of the sponsorship, the students visited the Asia University Art Museum last year, and this year they came to the Yuxiu Art Museum. , and works are very different, so that students can broaden their artistic horizons.
Thank you to the patrons of the seventh class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum" - Jin Jinlu and Yang Yafen. Because of your sponsorship, 53 students from Mingzheng Elementary School in Dongshi District, Taichung City came to Yuxiu Art Museum to expand their artistic horizons.


thank you sponsor


Golden Dew, Yang Yafen

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