【My art class is in the art gallery】The 22nd class

October 3, 2017 Yunlin County Daxin Elementary School

#Follow artist Gu Hezhong to understand the harmonious beauty of geometric composition

Under the subtle guidance of artist Gu Hezhong, understanding the composition of a painting is like dismantling a puzzle, attracting the children of Daxin Elementary School into it. No matter abstract or figurative paintings and sculptures, there are actually hidden geometric codes. and the rules of rhythm, under the guidance of Teacher Gu, the students learned to understand the geometric composition of the painting, and found the secret entrance to the rhythm of the painting. The paintings became the most challenging puzzles waiting for the students. One to disassemble.

After learning to dismantle the enigmatic composition of the painting, Mr. Gu gave each group a bag full of geometric figures of various colors, so that the students could use various geometric figures to combine a specific object and share their creativity. The combined works, after the sharing of the students, Mr. Gu further extended to explain the influence of the use of colors on the composition, which led the students to think and learn about the use of colors. Looking at the students' focused expressions when solving puzzles and composing pictures, and their happy faces when operating geometric compositions, we really felt that they were really very happy in this art class.

Thank you to the sponsor of the 22nd class of "My Art Class in the Art Museum" - Dona Art Co., Ltd., let the children of Daxin Elementary School in Yunlin County learn geometric composition together with artist Gu Hezhong.


thank you sponsor


Doner Arts Ltd

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