【My art class is in the art gallery】The 23rd class

October 17, 2017 Nantou County Pingding Elementary School

#Open eyes open heart

Seeing the various movements in the still life paintings in the art class of the art museum, in addition to wanting to lead the children into the art museum and learning art in an environment full of artistic atmosphere, I also hope to be able to learn art in an informal learning field like the art museum, Cultivate children's learning methods. In the world of art, children can find problems (may be the composition, color or theme of paintings, etc.) through watching (observation), and then seek answers to their own questions and explain them. .
After the interactive tour, the educators of the art museum asked each student of Pingding Elementary School to choose a still life painting they liked the most in the "Gu Hezhong Solo Exhibition: Exposure and Existence", write down and share the information from the painting in front of the painting What do you see in the work? hear what? What do you feel?
Through sharing, we learned about each child's subtle observations and unique insights. We encourage children to speak their own ideas and cultivate children's ability to think independently.
Thank you to Ms. Jian Shuzhen, the sponsor of the 23rd class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum", for letting the children of Pingding Elementary School in Nantou County open their eyes and hearts, create their own keys, and enter the wonderful world of still life painting.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Kan Suk-chun

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