[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 24

October 19, 2017 Wuhu Elementary School in Miaoli County

#Follow artist Gu Hezhong to learn about still life painting
On this day, the students from Wuhu Elementary School in Miaoli arrived at the art museum at nine o'clock. Before the art class started, the teacher and the students had enough time to enjoy the singing of insects and birds under the big camphor tree, which was fresh and undisturbed. Nine Nine Peaks natural time.
In order to let the students understand the color presentation of classical paintings, Mr. Gu brought different colors of cellophane during the tour in the exhibition room, and explained to the students that the colors in classical paintings are layered by layers of different colors; He also led the students to know the most important element in his paintings - the performance and presentation of light. Mr. Gu's simple guide method deeply attracted the students to enter the world of still life painting in [Reveal and Existence]. , learn how to appreciate still life paintings. In the afternoon printmaking course, starting from Suda Etsuhiro's sculpture, first observe the outlines of flowers and leaves in Suda Etsuhiro's works, and then go to plants such as flowers, trees, etc., and carve shapes on pearl plates before transferring them.

The big camphor trees, bananas, small flowers by the ditch, and even the small mushrooms that grew out of the rain were all inspirations that children observed when they visited the art gallery in the morning; Thickness failed to successfully transfer the engraved content, and after the second and third attempts, only to grasp the trick and transfer the content of the work.
Thank you to the volunteers of Yuxiu Art Museum, the sponsor of the 24th class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum", for letting the students from Wuhu Elementary School in Miaoli County come to the Shanzhong Art Museum to enjoy the fun of learning art.


thank you sponsor


Yuxiu Art Museum Volunteer

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