[My art class is in the art gallery] Lessons 25 and 26

On October 23, 2017, Ren Aiguo Middle School in Nantou County and Zhishan National Middle School in Taichung City

#Go to 2017 Taipei International Art Fair for art class

At 11:00 am on October 23, at the entrance of the Taipei International Art Fair, two groups of middle school students wearing green T-shirts walked in. They were the students of the Art Club of Ren Aiguo Middle School in Nantou County and the art class of Zhishan Guo Middle School in Taichung City. s student.
On this day, their art classroom is at the art fair, the art teachers are well-known artists at home and abroad, and the art textbooks are the works of art exhibited at the art fair.
"Art classes should be taught in art museums" and "let children see the best works of art from a young age" are two important concepts of Li Zuxin, director of Yuxiu Art Museum, for art classes. During the exhibition period of the art fair, this year, two special classes "Go to 2017 Art Taipei for Art Classes" have been planned, so that middle school students who love art can get to know and appreciate the best artists and art works in the world.

Before starting to visit the art fair, I specially invited Ke Renfeng, CEO of Taipei Art Industry and Economics Research Office, and Lin Yihua, former secretary-general of the Gallery Association, to introduce the operation mechanism and planning implementation of the art fair, so as to build students' basic knowledge of the art fair. After that, start grouping the course content of "I am a little curator".
Students are really not easy! Actively open your horizons, ask questions bravely, and look for answers eagerly!
In the final sharing, they confidently shared the curatorial themes and clearly explained their ideas. The themes included searching for the artistic conception of dreams, exploring life, or discussing different creative media. At art fairs, children observe through their own eyes, record with words and cameras, interview artists and gallerists, and then engage in group discussions. In the huge exhibition hall composed of white grids, 70 students who are running back and forth seriously are like small sponges, in a limited time, as much as possible to absorb all kinds of feelings and learning, we really feel They want and need a heart to learn art.

Thank you to Ms. Chen Wanwan, the sponsor of the 25th and 26th lessons of "My Art Class is in the Art Museum", the sponsor of the Taipei International Art Fair Tickets - Zhuo Pu Art Center, and the corporate legal person of the Republic of China Gallery Association, Zhong Jingxin, for letting this group Children who like art, enter the international art fair and see the infinite possibilities of the art world.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Chan Yuen Wan

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