[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 27

October 25, 2017 Zhongliao Middle School, Nantou County

#Art class at the art gallery is so attentive and happy

This morning’s interactive guided tour started with the history of the museum’s location, Pinglinli. The museum’s educators asked the students to sit at the gate of the museum and look at the Pinglin community, introducing the surrounding grape and lychee gardens and matching old photos. Introduce the special way of life such as bamboo tube bridges and flowing cages developed due to the geographical environment in the past: then walk into the museum park, let the students feel the delicate texture of fair-faced concrete and the architectural space with their own bodies, carefully observe the glass, blue brick, Building materials such as wood, and finally from the characteristics of these materials, the Yamanaka Art Museum brings out the architectural concept of attaching importance to nature.

In response to the exhibits and space characteristics of [Suda Etsuhiro Solo Exhibition: Flowers | Not Flowers], the educators asked each student to express their feelings about Suda Etsuhiro's works, and then through group discussions, they created a new poem.
A lot of little poets really came to take art class today!

#lone flower inspired by Etsuhiro Suda│Lily
I am a unique flower
Growing up in such a special environment beside the stairs
As beautiful and colorful as I am
but grows alone by the stairs that no one cares about

#Hope Ri is inspired by Etsuhiro Suda│Asao Yan
Daylight seeps into the woods,
There are only a few flowers and trees left,
I don't know when to look out,
May the scorching sun probe come.

#小草Inspired by Etsuhiro Suda│Weeds
beautiful grass
lead us to a good time
lifelike grass
As if saying good morning to us
Illustration of a lively morning
vibrant green grass
Energizing and stretching her wonderful physique
incessant weeds
is explaining to us
To be happy and active every day

Whether it is the history of Pinglinli, the museum building and exhibition tour in the morning, or the art creation class in the afternoon, the focused expressions and happy smiles of the students from Zhongliao Middle School let us know that they really like this art class.
Thank you, Mr. Yan Liaoyou, the sponsor of the 27th class of "My Art Class is in the Art Museum", for letting the students of Zhongliao Middle School concentrate on their studies and create happily in the Yuxiu Art Museum.


thank you sponsor


Mr. Yan Liaoyou (Co-founder of AAMA Taipei Cradle Project)

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