[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 28

November 07, 107 Nantou County Luona Elementary School

#tribe warriors who come to art class

Today, this group of students from the Rona tribe came to Pinglin. The children's eyes were as deep and full as grapes. During the guided tour of the building, the great crowned vultures flying in the sky, hu~hu~hu, also came to welcome the children from the mountain. In the exhibition hall, the students of Luona Elementary School listened to the guide attentively, and the guide teacher led them to know various works of art. The children were very surprised by the various materials of the works of art in the exhibition hall.

The creative course in the afternoon extended the works of Etsuhiro Suda. Through the theme of "Blossoming Heart", students were asked to use crayons to create their imaginary flowers. These students grew up surrounded by mountains and were especially able to master colors: Contrasting and harmonious colors make their flowers come alive, and some children even used the diamond-shaped totems common in tribes to draw the flowers of warriors hunting boars! Finally, take the children and their works to play a creative exhibition in the thinking space. Some groups boldly challenge the space of the toilet, some groups build a rainbow bridge with their works, and some groups tell the story of the tribe through their works ….

Today's art class was a lot of fun. Thank you to Jane Shuzhen, the sponsor of the 28th class of "My Art Class is in the Art Museum", for letting the students from Luona Elementary School in Nantou County come to the art museum to have a beautiful and interesting art class.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Kan Suk-chun

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