[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 29

November 14, 2017 Xinlong Elementary School, Miaoli County

Xinlong Country Primary School is located in Tongluo Township, Miaoli - a simple and lovely Hakka settlement.
Elementary school, all the students of Xinlong Elementary School came to the art museum on this day. At the beginning of the class, the students asked many interesting questions: "Why are the walls here not wiped with paint?"; "Why is the art museum here so small?" ?"; "There are mountains and trees all around"; "It's so quiet here"; "The mountains in the back look like zongzi"... The questions and answers one after another made the students get to know the Yuxiu Art Museum. and the flat forest where it is located.

After the lively children entered the exhibition hall, surrounded by beautiful things, they could naturally calm down and appreciate the works, and listened to the explanation of the guide teacher attentively. The guide teacher asked the students to observe quietly, and then guided the students in simple language to deconstruct the geometric secrets in the classical oil paintings of Gu Hezhong. The course created in the afternoon extended the concept of geometric figures in teacher Gu Hezhong's paintings. Play with geometric transformation and collage, using everyday tools and branches and leaves picked up in the forest to create; children boldly stack colors, spray, brush, cover and other methods to create what they see in the art gallery, Combined with the memories in life, it was brought into their works. In the final sharing and presentation, the children were confident in front of the stage, happily sharing their creative ideas and introducing the various strange tools they used, with unlimited creativity.

Thank you to the sponsors of the 29th class of "My Art Class in the Art Museum" - Ms. Chen Wanwan and Jianzhi United Accounting Firm, for their confident faces full of smiles, the students of Xinlong Elementary School had a wonderful art class.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Chen Wanwan, Jianzhi United Accounting Firm

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