【My art class is in the art gallery】The 30th class

November 16, 106 Tucheng Elementary School in Nantou County

#Feel this breathing art museum with your own body

In this art museum hidden in the forest, in addition to appreciating the buildings and feeling the light and shadow with the eyes, it is more suitable to listen to the nature with the ears, and touch the breathing water model building with the hands!
The children who come to the art class often feel the different-looking buildings through their own bodies, and the students' observation skills are often beyond the imagination of the art museum educators, such as discovering the footprints left by small animals. Start a fun nature class!
The students from Tucheng Elementary School who came to the art class today are all Etsuhiro Osuda. They entered the artist's small world of flowers and plants through the creation and recitation of new poems in the exhibition hall. The children's super observation skills, in addition to being able to Delicately feel the beauty of exquisite wood carvings, and in the interest of finding the flowers, plants and leaves hidden in the corner by Suda, you can also experience the unique atmosphere of these works in space: Lily Fragrance
Inspired by Etsuhiro Suda│Lily, Tucheng Elementary School 3rd Grade New Poem Creation Lily, the king of flowers, is beautiful and beautiful like a lady, lonely and alone in the white snow wall, and enjoys a comfortable home art creation class, which has always been the most anticipated by the students !
In the afternoon hand-kneading class, the school brought the mahogany seeds that are readily available on campus, plus the leaves and twigs picked up in the camphor forest collage, the children's creative imagination is unlimited!
Thank you, Mr. Lin Jiazhang, Ms. Li Jingjing, and Ms. Zhang Yuling, the sponsors of the 30th class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum", for making Tucheng Elementary School students have a happy day.


thank you sponsor


Lin Jiazhang, Li Jingjing, Zhang Yuling

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