【My art class is in the art gallery】The 31st class

March 20, 107 Zhongxi Elementary School in Yunlin County

Different events happen every day, and we respond with different emotions and attitudes. When you meet happy things, your expression may be sibling dancing, and when you are sad, you may cry secretly in the corner.
In addition to the familiar emotional communication, the artists express their past memories and emotions through painting, singing, dancing, etc.

In the 31st art class of the art museum, combined with the exhibition of artist Wang Sheng - the special exhibition of the lost dream, through the guide of the exhibition, the development of limbs, the practice of labor and other diverse art areas, children can be exposed to various aspects of art. Possibilities, and learn the expression and display of self-emotions to conclude the meaning of their own visit.
Guide teacher Ai Lin, through incisive explanations, led the children to travel through Wang Sheng's past life history, understand the meaning of sunflowers, understand the collision under the cultural shock, and experience the emotions of Wang Sheng's works.
From the emotions of Wang Sheng's works, he advanced learning through physical activities, and let the children play the role of sunflowers. Through the role of sunflowers, imagine the performance of sunflowers in different situations, and try to show Wang Sheng's "lending love". Symbolism. In the process of turning into sunflowers, the children of Zhongxi Elementary School went from being shy at the beginning to falling to the ground boldly, re-acquainted with their body language, and became little artists. , The original art class can be so lively. Afternoon activities will undertake guided tours and physical experiences, and have a creative feast with the children.
Extending the collage techniques and stacking techniques of Wang Sheng's works, try to create in a tear-and-paste method and use Wang Sheng's most symbolic sunflower as the collage theme, and interpret today's visiting experience through the sunflower practice again. tear
When posting, each student reviewed the emotions and physical expressions brought about by visiting Wang Sheng's works, combined with the rich art course of the whole day, and strengthened their own tear-and-stick works, making each sunflower blooming and unique. . Thanks to the sponsors Guo Peijun and Zhu Qingan for their support, the children of Zhongxi Elementary School have experienced a rich art class.


thank you sponsor


Guo Peijun, Zhu Qingan

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