[My art class is in the art gallery] The 32nd class

March 31, 107 Taichung City Wenwu Elementary School

In addition to abundant teaching resources, a wonderful course needs the cooperation between teachers and students, in order to produce wonderful and profound learning sparks!
In the 32nd class, the theme of Wang Sheng - The Lost Dream Solo Exhibition is to explore various possibilities of art museums and art classes through guided tours, physical activities, outdoor observations and labor results.
Before the class, the teacher of Wenwu Elementary School made an appointment to visit in advance to learn about the planning of the art museum course and the way of on-site implementation.
Before the trip, introduce the art museum with the children, get to know the sunflowers, and advise the visiting etiquette. Under the guidance of the teachers, the children's visit, experience and learning effect of the day were like sunflowers in full bloom.
In the museum, during guided tours, children can observe and listen carefully, detect the little secrets hidden in various works, and have the courage to share their visiting experience; in physical activities, children can fully express their feelings during the visit, and try various Limb possibility.
Outside the museum, outdoor observation, children experience attentively, compare the works and the real sunflowers; when tearing and sticking to work, put a day's five senses learning into it, and produce amazing sunflowers! Through the works of Wenwu Elementary School, it can be seen that the children and the works have concluded a personal experience, so that the learning of the painter's masterpiece is no longer just to draw a gourd, but through the comprehensive feeling of body, mind and spirit, and the artist, Connecting with nature and oneself has produced new works and a new creative concept.
With the participation of dedicated teachers and serious students, art classes will create infinite possibilities. Thanks to the sponsors and kind-hearted people for their support, let the art museum and Wenwu Elementary School have a beautiful encounter!


thank you sponsor


kind people

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