[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 33

April 13, 107 Ruizhu Middle School, Nantou County

Ruizhu Middle School is the first group of middle school students in the art class in the next semester of 2017. Compared with the children in elementary school, what kind of sparks can these middle school students' big brothers and sisters collide with the art museum?
In the 33rd class, through Wang Sheng's solo exhibition as the learning theme, the experience of a complete art class is to visit the guide, look at pictures, tell stories and labor results.
The cognitive development of middle school students and the maturity of hand operation, Yuxiu Art Museum adopts adaptive teaching in the planning of art courses, and designs courses according to different ages and groups, so that every school participating in the activity can have the most appropriate learning experience. Content.
In this museum tour, Mr. Shufang was invited to explain the exhibition content of the museum through a delicate tour.

From the guided tour in another space to the solo exhibition of Wang Sheng, which is the main axis of the study, a lot of questions and observation explanations are put into the description of each exhibit, so that everyone can use their brains and think about it. The students of Ruizhu Middle School also worked hard to ask questions and ask questions like absorbent sponges, and they put their hands up to express their observations and share their past learning experiences, making our tour process unprecedented and lively! After a solid tour, it's time to tell the story! Wang Sheng's works are like comic strips. Different pictures tell similar backgrounds and similar stories. Each piece of work tells its own memories.
Although the works are all confessions of Wang Sheng's memory, viewers may not appreciate the works from the same point of view. The students of Ruizhu National Middle School defined the works and appreciated the content with their own eyes through their different life experiences, and figured out what is in each work. The different moods of the work are converted into a short story that fits the situation, and the different imaginations in the work are shared with everyone.

Some classmates saw sunflower fields that could not be burned by wildfires, some saw girls who resisted the system and ran for freedom, and even separated paper boats that conveyed hope. Give your work a deeper meaning for your own thoughts and ideas. In the afternoon, teacher Xie Yiru led the tear-and-stick painting activity. Wang Sheng's works were rich in color and bright. Teacher Yiru introduced the concept of color matching, using rice paper dyeing to let students know colors and get close to pigments. Through the experience of visiting students all day, Make your own color. The students of Ruizhu Middle School expressed their feelings through painting, dyeing, tearing and sticking, and expressed themselves with colors.

Thanks to the sponsor, Huang Guangyu, for helping the rural school Ruizhu Junior High School to swim between colors and express your/me/his feelings.


thank you sponsor


Huang Guangyu

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