[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 34

April 19, 107 Yunlin County Liren Elementary School

The 34th art class is devoted to teaching in the form of Wang Sheng's work of sunflowers. From the tour guide, physical activities and labor results, the students' art class experience is completed in static and dynamic.
The guide teachers of Yuxiu Art Museum have different guide styles. Some teachers are delicate and rich, while others are lively and lively. Some teachers are good at communicating with the audience, but what remains the same is that each teacher is very attentive when guiding. , from the audience's point of view. The guide teacher of this art class, before the students entered the art museum, asked everyone to carefully observe the outdoor environment of the art museum, savor the natural scenery of Pinglin, and observe the eagle soaring on the Jiujiu Peak.

Let the students regain their calmness and sharpen their self-observation before entering the art museum.

After entering the art museum, the guide teacher interacted with the students kindly, surrounded them, and introduced Wang Sheng's works vividly. Every student listened carefully. Under the zero-distance interaction of the teacher, the students can put aside their burdens, discuss and express their own opinions boldly. The guide of affinity is like the lead of a fire. The students burst out new ideas and ideas one after another, and at the same time assisted in the warm-up of physical activities.
When warming up in the physical activity class, the students pulled from left to right and stretched right, and they were not shy at all; during the discussion, the students thought about and chatted with each other, and worked hard to participate in the discussion with their partners. During the presentation of the performance, the students swayed left and right, splendid and rich interpretations, Wang Sheng's works full of emotion and emotion such as Rain Queen and Crow.

The physical influence of Liren Elementary School's courage to show was also revealed in the afternoon work tearing and sticking class. The sunflower was used as the frame when making the stickers. The partners in the same group communicated and shared generously, connecting the posture of the sunflower flower with the imagination of the body class, presenting a curved, straight, low-hanging and blooming demeanor.
Thanks to the sponsor, Lin Yixiu, to let Liren Elementary School perform physically in the art museum, using the body to connect with Wang Sheng, life, and self.


thank you sponsor


Lin Yixiu

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