[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 35

10/09/107 Mingtan Elementary School in Nantou County

When coming into contact with unknown things, ordinary people mostly analyze and identify objects through their appearance, texture, sound, taste, and smell, and then integrate old experiences to define them.
These identification methods are based on the five senses as experience, and the exploration into the concept of confirmation.

In the 35th art class, the art museum invited students from Mingtan Elementary School to log in to the unknown space universe! In conjunction with the exhibition "Take Me to the Moon", the museum uses guided tours as the vanguard to learn about the cosmic imaginations and works of the four artists.
Use touch to understand Li Chengliang's space capsule, visually appreciate Cao Wenrui's fantasy world, hear Lai Shichao's familiar but unfamiliar life noise, and use Tang Tang's works to experience his inner emotions. The tactile experience is a rare experience in art museums, and it is also one of the feelings that are often ignored in life.
In order to increase the chance of touch, a surprise box is used to let children of all grades touch with their hands to experience the texture of the object.
The students used various adjectives to describe the objects they touched, taking the concrete object as the first touch, and then gradually increasing the difficulty to put in the texture that seems to have been felt before, but is elusive. Touching again and again, describing and describing again and again, let the students understand the different appearance of an object, and also connected with their own life, just like the first contact with an alien planet!

Explore the unknown step by step, and then use the known as a connection to string together the entire galaxy. Motivated by touch, then share your five senses by making.
Alien planets are full of mysteries, and each unknown planet is filled with unrestrained and free imagination through your cognition. The circular concave holes in the layers of the tunnel book are like wormholes traversing the universe. Each layer represents a different feeling. Your planet may be as hot as a volcano, sweet as a lollipop, and the bottom layer represents a different feeling. own symbol.

At the end of the tunnel book, the students used various objects as their self-images to complete the interstellar journey of the Yuxiu Art Museum, which also constituted the five-sense asteroid for the students of Mingtan Elementary School.


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