[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 36

November 07, 107 Yunlin County Liren Elementary School

Yuxiu Art Museum is one of the few art museums located in the natural environment. In order to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas in aesthetic education and get closer to the beauty of nature, Yuxiu Art Museum chose Jiujiufeng as a platform to expand art exchanges.
In the 36th art class, the guide teacher adhered to the concept of the integration of the environment and the building, and led the students of Liren Elementary School to understand the paradise outside the art museum.
There are various types of plants on the Jiujiufeng Forest Trail. The knowledgeable guide teacher introduced various types of plants, and the students of Liren Elementary School are all junior doctors of plants, who can draw inferences about the types and names of plants.
Whether it is the edible guava or longan fruit trees, they were all identified by the students one by one.

After exploring the ecologically rich trails, the students immediately came to Jingse's exhibition space. The quiet environment of the exhibition hall did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students. In the exhibition hall, each student listened carefully to the profound significance of the exhibits, and had the courage to show their ideas and raise their hands enthusiastically.
In the small universe of the art museum, it exudes the light of confidence. The students of Liren Elementary School explored the art museum and got to know new works and environments, but just like astronauts exploring outer space, they must know the planet we live in before going out to explore; and when everyone explores the outside, the inner The psychological world is also like a small space, which needs self-exploration! After completing the morning exploration, the students started to create their own asteroids in the afternoon. By creating asteroids, the students must recognize their own feelings and connect with their own life experiences.

Think about the shape of your planet with the five senses of your body? What kind of atmosphere? After layers of five senses and associations, you can explore your own thinking and choose the necessary elements that make up a planet. Every planet can see the unique thinking of the students of Liren Elementary School.
It turns out that in addition to outer space, our own inner space is also an inner space!


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