[Workshop] The place in the distance - A Hong invites you to visit the mountain



2018/12/08(Sat) 10:00-12:00 │09:30 Collection


Yuxiu Art Museum Thinking Space & Jiujiu Peak Hiking Trail


120 yuan / person │ 30 places in total

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Each life has its own longing and longing for a place where they can live and live, and that place is called "the place in the distance".

At the end of 2018, Yuxiu Art Museum invited artist Xu Zhihong to lead a team to the top of Jiujiu Peak and climb to the top.

He has many mountaineering experiences in the past, and likes to look inside himself while walking in the forest, discovering his love for this land step by step. In addition to thanking the mountains and forests for protecting our lives, we also take this opportunity to stretch our tired minds and release the "monsters" in our hearts from art and writing.

In line with the exhibition theme of "A Place in the Distance", Xu Zhihong will not only lead everyone to hike the mountain, but also will paint the monster hidden in his heart on the top of the mountain with his friends who participated in the activity. After the end, he will give everyone a commemorative card for the event. .



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Introduction to the interviewer



Xu Zhihong HOM / Taichung Fengyuan native

In terms of creation, he constantly tries various painting techniques, and the use of media goes beyond planes and extends to three-dimensional pottery works and picture book creations. He is good at transforming real pictures into places full of fantastic creatures.
In recent years, with "Quiet Time", he won the Best Graphic and Illustration Creator at the 40th Golden Tripod Award in Taiwan.


published works

"Quiet Time" (Block Culture, 2015)
"Wandering With It" (Lingsu Culture, 2015)
Everyday Blues (Block Culture, 2017)