[Art and Literature Lecture Hall] A long time ago: the cultural context in Western fairy tales



2018.12.01(Sat) 14:00-16:00 │13:30 Admission


Yuxiu Art Museum Chaoyan Cafe


500/person (with cake and drinks) │ 30 places in total

suitable object

Audiences interested in dramatic stories in the arts




While watching a movie,
There are many pictures and shots that pay tribute to famous works and classics.
Let's enjoy the movie always with relish.

While appreciating works of art,
Looking at the dramatic pictures and wonderful construction methods of the works,
I can always vaguely feel that there seems to be some story in it,
However, it is often difficult to feel the content, and it is difficult to penetrate into it.
One can only guess the connotation of the artwork, which makes the appreciation process less touching.

Yuxiu Art Museum invited Pan Qinglin, director of the Visual Design Department of Tainan University, to
to be a storyteller of art,
This winter, Mr. Pan is invited to share the fables and classics hidden in the history of Western art.



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Introduction to the interviewer



Pan Qinglin

Professor and Director, Department of Visual Arts and Design, National Tainan University
Former secretary to the director of Chimei Museum

Full-time Assistant Professor at Evergreen University

Director of National Tainan University Museum