【Workshop】Planet Manufacturing: Cosmic Dining Table Project



2018.12.23 (Sun)


Yuxiu Art Museum Planet Room, Chaoyan Cafe


800/person│ 8 places in total

suitable object

Explorers who want to create a unique planet, and a new museum experience




In this universe, every person who has lived has a corresponding star shining in the sky. —Arthur Clark (2001 A Space Odyssey)

The universe is to the planet, the group is to the individual
In this project, through an interstellar email, the artist invites participants to wear blindfolds, first open their hearing and smell, and imagine entering the universe through music and smell. Next, taste artistic cuisine through visual and gustatory methods, and finally complete a planetary rice ball that symbolizes oneself through the temperature of hands in a tactile way, experiencing a participatory art feast with all five senses.

This "Five Senses Art Experience Project" not only combines some elements of the theater, but also includes the interaction between the artist and the participants, the taste of cooking, and a form similar to a hand-made workshop. The artistic experience of the five senses is to use different physical sensory experiences, including space environment design, smell, lighting and music presentation, from sight, smell, and hearing to guide participants into an imaginary interstellar journey, to understand and taste with their own characteristics. Planetary cuisine, experience a comprehensive and unique sensory experience.

Not just a meal. — Experience a participatory art feast with all five senses
Exploring the life of modern urbanites The concept of this project comes from classic songs, literature and movies that everyone is familiar with. Stars are always used as personal symbols or metaphors for dreams - we have all worked hard to shine, and our dreams become a Extraordinary star. Growing up, we learn to be who we want to be in the eyes of the group, and aspire to be who we imagined in the collective consciousness, or even leave our egocentricity behind to embrace the values that belong to the group. The artist uses the universe to the stars, symbolizes the group to the individual, and discusses how the society affects the individual in the process of socialization toward the group.

In the participatory experience program, each participant represents a shining star in the vast universe. Through the symbolism of the planet, the artist will invite participants to ponder the living state of the self and the social group through the process of tasting food, and make a planetary rice ball that symbolizes the self through handcrafting.

An art experience that can be eaten? — Cosmic Table Cuisine limited to four persons per session
Have you ever imagined what it would look like when a work of art turned from a canvas into an edible meal? "Planet Manufacture: Cosmic Table Project" starts from the symbol of the planet and individual experience, and through participatory experience, transforms art works from canvas into edible art meals, using the natural colors of food as pigments, invites everyone to come together Experience the colors of nature. The starry sky at night is transformed into a beautiful plate decoration, using Taishou No. 9 rice and natural ingredients to cook amazing planetary dishes, paired with interactive starry sky drinks and planetary rice ball making experience.

Only four people are limited to participate in each show, and the public is invited to get close contact with the artist and experience a different art feast.

Small Universe (4 people only): 12/23 (Sun)

Good Morning $800
Gathering time: 10:00-10:30 (The event starts on time, and there is no delay.)
Time: 10:30-12:30

Afternoon session $800
Gathering time: 14:00-14:30 (The event starts on time, and it will not be late.)
Time: 14:30-16:30

This activity includes:
1. A strange experience like being in space. (Exclusive space for a private room for 4 people)
2. Five planets with different energies and personalities.
3. The artist's guided experience.
4. Deep spiritual analysis.
5. Enjoy delicious special planetary drinks.
6. Make your own onigiri asteroid.



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Account Name: Ye Yuxiu


Artist introduction



San Chen Chen Sian/

Born in 1988, he is currently a freelance artist and a resident artist of the 5th Qinmei Cultural and Creative Colony LAB. He used to be the head of the Education Development Group at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. He is good at using theatre vocabulary and spatial situations to create a fantastic and contradictory surreal atmosphere.

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