【My art class is in the art gallery】The 9th class

November 29, 2016 Kunshan Elementary School, Taichung City

Give children an art class with free imagination and free exploration
Let children know they are capable of fulfilling their dreams

The educators of the art museum brought the students back to the work of "Smell I Smell", and when they experienced the "Tell me, I draw" mini-game, they heard a dialogue: "Sister, the dinosaur holds the perfume in one hand and the bottle in the other, it has no other hand. You can hold a lily in your hand, what should I do?" The classmate next door continued, "Who said dinosaurs can't have a third hand, you can create it!" The innocent and funny conversations of the classmates made us more convinced that in the art museum, there should be no Authoritative teaching, but to let children enjoy the fun of independent exploration and learning, and learn to see things around them from different angles. Through the little game "Tell me, I draw", not only children can use their imaginations to their fullest, but also because children can't wait to see the difference between themselves and the artist's drawings, children can watch and draw more carefully. Admire works of art.
In the art class of the art museum, we not only need to open up children's imagination, but also train children's viewing ability.
Kunshan Elementary School is a rural primary school located in the new community of Taichung City. Since 101, art has been listed as one of the school's characteristic curriculum development programs. Recording flute, drama, and pottery have been included in the curriculum year by year, hoping to internalize art and beauty in the curriculum. in the character of children. The 40 students from Kunshan Elementary School in grades 1-6 are very lively and disciplined, and they are full of curiosity about everything in the art museum. In the early morning, they walked through the corridor to the large grass in the park. The students looked around excitedly, discussed the small fish in the ecological pond, and listened to the introduction of the museum building by the educators. After entering the main hall, let the children sit down, close their eyes, calm down, and then start to guide and explain Lian Jianxing's solo exhibition.
The final stage of the course is to let the children try to create their own magical world after getting to know Lian Jianxing's magical realism. Look
We are really touched by the children's dedicated and comfortable creation in every corner of the museum, and we look forward to seeing the seeds of art planted in their centers germinate and thrive in the future.
Thank you to the sponsor of the ninth class of "My Art Class in the Art Museum" - Rotary Club of Taichung City North District. Because of your sponsorship, 40 students from Kunshan Elementary School in the new community of Taichung City can come to Yuxiu Art Museum for a class. Art classes for free imagination and free exploration.


thank you sponsor


Rotary Club of North District, Taichung City