[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 14

March 30, 2017 Changhua County Hualong Elementary School

Cultivate your child's interest in drawing! Whether you can draw or not, you can enjoy it!

Whether it is an adult or a child, they often say: "I can't draw, I don't want to draw." Will it often hinder us from trying; will it, focusing on the results rather than the process of learning, makes us afraid of poor performance and loses the joy of feeling the learning process.

"My art class is in the art museum", so that the entire art museum park is an art classroom. Children who draw in a natural and open environment and who shout "I can't draw" at the beginning can be encouraged and guided by the educational staff. Gradually enter the world of painting, immersed in the process of one stroke at a time, and then happily share your paintings with the classmates and teachers on the side, or curiously see what the people next door are drawing, and then discuss and laugh together , looking at the focused and happy expressions of the children in their paintings, we know that they have experienced the fun of learning art in this art class, and we look forward to this happy learning experience, so that they can be brave in the future, whether they will or not. Try it and have fun.
Thank you to Ms. Peng Zhiyu, the sponsor of the 14th class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum", because of your sponsorship, 21 students and teachers from the fifth grade of Hualong Elementary School in Changhua County enjoyed painting in the Yuxiu Art Museum. pleasure.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Peng Zhiyu

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