[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 15

April 6, 2017 Changhua County Chang'an Elementary School

Calm down and take a good look at "you (you)" favorite works!

Appreciating art helps develop sensibility. We hope to cultivate children's sensibility—the ability to perceive and interpret abstract things through viewing works of art and exhibitions. Therefore, during the interactive tour in the morning, the educators guided the students step by step through the guided tour, leading the students to learn to watch and say the specific things they saw in the works, as well as the abstract things they felt in the works. , and then at the end of the morning class, ask the children to find a piece of work they like the most, try to describe and describe what the work looks like, why they like the work, and what kind of feelings the work brings. . In previous courses, educators would work in groups to allow students to discuss and share works of art in groups.
However, in this class, we gave each child a handwritten version, and asked them to choose their favorite works in the solo exhibition of the four young artists, and then try to use words or texts in front of the works. It is the picture that answers the three questions above.
During this process, the students did not listen to the guide’s explanation and raised their hands enthusiastically to speak, instead of listening to the tour guide in a group. Instead, they calmed down by themselves, as if they were reading the works in the exhibition room with only themselves and the works of art. Write down why and how you feel.
We hope that through such exercises, children can try to express the abstract feeling that art works bring to them.
Thank you, Ms. Yang Yuegui and Ms. Lin Fangyu, the sponsors of the 15th class of "My Art Class at the Art Museum", because of your sponsorship, 37 students from the third to fifth grades of Chang'an Elementary School in Changhua County were able to cultivate their feelings through the art class in the art museum. force!


thank you sponsor


Ms. Yang Yuegui, Ms. Lin Fangyu

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