[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 17

April 13, 2017 Changhua County Ren Elementary School

The eyes are opened, the heart is opened, imagination and creativity are coming!!!

The heavy rain last night and early in the morning made the art museum look fresher this morning amid the clouds and mists, just like the 28 fourth-grade children of Liren Elementary School who came to the art museum today for art class, they were particularly lively and energetic. Today's art class It will be very exciting and interesting! The children who are planning this class by the educators of the art museum, after the interactive guided tour in the morning, on a wall on the 1st floor of the new service space of the art museum - Si Space, they draw in groups on Views from the tour bus, architectural spaces of the museum, and favorite works of art.
Therefore, during the interactive tour in the morning, in addition to guiding the children to watch quietly and express their ideas bravely, it also focuses on guiding the children to "recall" and "rethink", from boarding the tour bus to the art class process. Things seen and felt. Such guided exercises make it easier for children to discuss and create when they create in groups. Being able to paint on the wall made the children very excited, but facing the painting wall higher than themselves, the children were a little stunned at first, not knowing where to start.
Therefore, the children guided by the educators took a big step back and pulled the distance, tried the composition on the scratch paper, discussed it on the painting wall, and then began to draw. After finishing the wall painting, the educators asked the children to share their favorite art works today. One of the children said aloud, "I like the works we painted today the most! Because I think we painted very well." Share with confidence, let the adults on the side all applaud! After the class, when the children walked out of the art museum to get on the bus, they saw the foggy natural scenery outside, and they muttered, "Wow~~ so beautiful." Have more sensitive children.

Thank you, Xinlin Industrial Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the 17th class of "My Art Class is in the Art Museum". Your company's sponsorship has allowed 28 students from the fourth grade of Ren Elementary School in Yunlin County to have an eye-opening, happy, Fun art class.


Thank you sponsors


Xinlin Industrial Co., Ltd.

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