[My art class is in the art gallery] Lesson 18

April 14, 2017 Changhua County Caohu Middle School

The entire art gallery in the mountains is my art classroom!

The art teacher who led the team mentioned to us that there is only one art class per week for middle school students. Since the beginning of this semester, the school will assign her a weekly home economics class and a weekly performance art class together to teach her. The 3 consecutive classes once a week gave her a little more time to take the students to try different course contents; she also further shared that she can get along with middle school students in the way of friends, so that she can overcome the pressure of the schoolwork. Introduce them to art.
In the afternoon class, the art museum educators first introduced the content of today's creative course with a briefing, and then led the students into the camphor forest behind the art museum to pick up the most natural media - branches and leaves, and then returned to the room for grouping. Creation, after a while, snakes, lines in the bay area, a big tree, and a small hill appeared on the full-opening drawing. During these morning interactive tours, middle school boys and middle school girls who were a little awkward began to chat. Composition, 4, 5 hands appeared on the drawing paper to paste leaves at the same time, and slowly their expressions relaxed, and more smiles appeared on their faces.

The middle school stage is an important stage in the process of growing up, with physical and psychological changes. Coupled with the heavy academic pressure, it is inevitable that you will be more bored and less smiling.
We hope that this lesson will leave school and step into the art class of Shanzhong Art Museum, so that they can feel that appreciating art and creating art is also a possible way to relieve their troubled mood.
Thank you to Miss Lin Yixiu, the sponsor of the 18th class of "My Art Class in the Art Museum", because of your sponsorship, 39 students from the first and second grades of Caohu Middle School in Changhua County can relax in the art museum that combines nature and humanities Take a wonderful art class.


thank you sponsor


Lin Yixiu

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