【Talk】 A Dialogue between the Heart and the Wind



2021/05/08 Sat. 14:00-16:00


Café, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art


NT 400 (Including a drink and a snack)

Suitable for

Want to know more about the exhibition and understand Lin LIN Wei-Hsiang landscape creation




With flowy lines and layered paint, Lin Wei-Hsiang appropriates natural sceneries to convey his longing and fondness of nature. His work displays a mélange of virtual and real sceneries, which are all caressed by the incessant wind in every image. Moving with the wind, the mountain mist and charming vista in Lin’s paintings look as if they are dancing gracefully. Somehow, these elusive and blurry images look like both natural realities as well as transformed landscapes.

How long has it been since your last visit to nature and mountains? How long has it been since you let natural breeze caress your skin? Just calm your mind and feel the flowing wind softly blowing into your heart.

This talk is joined by discussant WU Chieh-Hsiang and artist LIN Wei-Hsiang, who will share about an encounter of the heart and the wind during the creative process.





Moderator/ Wu Jiexiang

Full-time associate professor at the Department of Fine Arts, National Changhua Normal University, Master of Arts/Sociology, University of Oldenburg, Germany, Ph.D. He has won the Sian Aesthetic Award and the Scholarship for Non-European Students in Niedersachsen, Germany. He used to be the chairman of the Taiwan Visual Arts Association and is currently the executive director of the Taiwan Cultural Policy Research Association. His research areas include art and rights, art system and democratization, art and memory culture, etc.

Artist / LIN Wei-Hsiang

Lin Wei-Hsiang was born in 1983 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In 2009, he graduated from the Graduate Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts Education at the National Hsinchu University of Education. His inspiration comes from the natural sceneries, although unlike the Realists’ landscape paintings, his paintings are more impressionistic and abstract, emphasizing inherent spirituality rather than extrinsic imitation. In his paintings one can feel the movement of clouds or moist humid air. He portrays his own ethereal inner world and illusory landscapes that cannot be expressed in words. In 2005, Lin received Professor Tze-Fan Lee Creative Award, in 2004 he was selected for the Young Artist Collection, received an award for excellence in “National Student Art Exhibition” and honorable mention in “Nanying Fine Art Exhibition.” His works have been collected by Taiwan Art Bank, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and National Chiao Tung University Arts Center.


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