【Workshop】Every Moss is a Small Cosmos—Moss Eco Tank Workshop



2020/04/25 Sun. 13:00-17:00


Jiu Jiu Peaks, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art


NT 860

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Interested in moss




When we are in forests or wandering in the streets, we tend to habitually look at the trees and the sky but rarely lower our heads and squat down to take a look at the land underneath our feet. Moss can be found almost everywhere, be it on groundcover, in rocky seams, or on tree barks. Their green colors make them easily overlooked. However, a closer look at the world of mosses will reveal the multifaceted and intriguing forms of this plant species.


What are mosses? How are they classified? Small and unnoticed, they are somehow pioneer plants in ecospheres according to researchers. Mosses play a crucial role in the successful evolution of forests. They not only provide a breeding ground for saplings, but also nourish the soil after withering and decomposition. Mosses offer many benefits, not to mention the fact that they can purify the air of the environment.


This workshop invites moss researcher YU Hui-Cheng, who will guide participants to first learn about mosses, search for mosses outdoors, and finally DIY a moss eco tank of their own. The objective of the workshop is to lead all participants to explore the kaleidoscopic world of mosses hidden in the mountains and forests.

The eco tank used in the workshop – one 5-inch round, ball-shaped eco tank, with a diameter of 13 cm and a height of 11 cm.


Activity Rundown


13:00-14:00 A big story of small mosses.

14:00-15:30 A field trip in Jiu Jiu Peaks to observe mosses and a guided tour by the instructor. (An indoor version will be implemented if it rains.)
15:30-16:15 4. Participants share about their works.
16:15-17:00 Share and exchange

- If you are unable to participate for any reason, please call or write to inform us before 4/20, no refunds will be accepted for this event.
- Workshop students can visit Yuxiu Art Museum without reservation on the day of the event (one student can visit with a friend).





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YU Hui-Cheng,, now a graduate student in the Department of Forestry of the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, since she was a child, she liked to lie on the ground, squat on the corner of the wall or by the ditch to search for moss, and had a soft spot for bryophytes, so people called her "Moss Moss". elder sister". In 2017, with his love for moss, Yu Huizheng set up a studio in the rainy and humid Pingxi, dedicated to promoting moss ecological education. Through the lively explanation of moss habitat, he led students to appreciate the unknown moss from the closest perspective. Beautiful and brilliant. At the same time, as a floral designer, she also launched a moss hand-made course, allowing students to design and create an ecological tank with moss as the protagonist for themselves, which not only opens the dialogue between students and moss, but also inspires students to praise the natural environment .


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