[Art Museum of the Night] Lecture: Curator Deciphers "2018TIVA@Yuxiu Art Museum"



2018/11/11 (Sun) 16:30 - 17:30


Yuxiu Art Museum Chaoyan Café


Free to participate, 30 places in total

suitable object

Audiences participating in international video art exhibitions, audiences interested in video art




The curator deciphers "Yuxiu Art Museum"

2018TIVA is the 6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition. Every two years, different curators are invited to plan selections and topics, and to respond to the social and environmental issues that have attracted widespread attention in the past two years by means of video exhibitions.

This year's theme "Offline Browsing" was proposed by curators Xu Jiawei and Xu Fengrui, emphasizing that "viewing" in today's Internet generation is no longer a one-way image reception, but a two-way information exchange, using the online world and offline Terminology as a wedge to develop the overall planning of the exhibition, to explore how to think about the structural relationship between individual production and the network when we use the platform built by the Internet as a user who is also a producer/user/consumer .

In view of the space and environmental characteristics of Yuxiu Art Museum, the curator of Fengjia Art Museum, Ye Jiarong, selected several videos from "Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition: Offline Browsing", which will be screened in eight places around the museum for two nights and nights. She will come to the scene to explain the background of the works The little secret, illuminating a ray of light for the audience.





Ye Jiarong, Curator of Fengjia Art Museum



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1. The event will start at 16:40 on time, and there will be no waiting time.
2. Activity participants enjoy free admission to the museum on the same day.
3. The quota for the event is 30 people, and it will be closed when the quota is full.
4. If you want to cancel the registration after registration, please call 049-2572999 extension 9 before 17:00 on 11/2 (Fri) to cancel the registration. Late registration will not be accepted.
5. The museum reserves the right to change all activities.