【Workshop】Fun in Autumn Art and Food ─ Fun in Natural Pottery



2018.08.11 (Sat) 13:00-16:00


Art information space on the first floor of the thinking space of Yuxiu Art Museum


800/person (including material cost)

suitable object

Adults, interested in plants, nature and art │ 20 places in total




"Retrieving the Beauty of Truth"

In life, we coexist with plants,
Sharing the same sky, breathing the same air,
From the small flowers and grass on the roadside; the vegetables and fruits on the dining table to the tall trees in the forest,
Plants and ours are interdependent, but have you/you carefully observed their texture or posture?

Through the works presented in the exhibition "Retrieving the Beauty of Truth" by Hong Yu, a scientific draughtsman at the National Museum of Natural Science, we can observe the various types of plants in detail, such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc., all of which have their own characteristics. The function of the creature, and the uniqueness of its shape. Through writing and painting, Hong Yu directly observes and records the appearance of plants, providing scientists with various physical manifestations for advanced research.

This time, starting from the exhibition concept, extending "When Plants and Art Encounter", three practical workshops with different characteristics are planned, collecting your/your favorite plants in the nature classroom, through detailed description, leaf extension , The media application of pottery, locks the secret moment between you/you and nature.

Session 3│ Autumn Art and Food Fun - Natural Pottery Fun Workshop

Let the plants in the forest stay in the pottery,
When autumn comes, start from the dining table and feel the hand-made temperature of pottery.

Autumn Food Fun Workshop,
We will take you to make pottery plates and edible spoons that combine printmaking techniques and pottery touches.
Add healing natural flavors to your life.

Finished coursework│ One pottery plate, one pottery spoon (including firing)
Lesson Skills│ Pottery Making, Coloring, Carving
Course Content│ Basic pottery knowledge and technique teaching, pottery making and shaping, pottery coloring and carving


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