【Workshop】Encounter Embroidery | Objects and In Between—Handbag Embroidery Workshop



2021/11/27 (Sat) 13:00-17:00 


Café, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art


1,250 per person (including drinks and snacks)

Suitable for

Like to try new experiences and interested in embroidery. This activity requires a long time of attention and is recommended for students over 15 years old to participate




In the space between history and our future lies the present.

As the pandemic spreads across the globe and becomes a common situation faced by all humanity, the international living circle has shrunk and everyone’s worldview has been expanding. On the land between mountains and seas, gaps created by distance have become necessary safe space (distancing) in between people. In such space, different equal or rival relations also gradually develop into suitable forms. However, in between states, individuals, mankind and nature, the future and the past, the only thing that remains unchanged is the present, whereas what constantly changes are unstable and unknown possibilities that are happening and about to happen.

In this series, human body is conceived as a crowd. While the right hand and the left hand can operate alone and independently, they work together most of the time. These limbs that represent different individuals form blank spaces that indicate the distance in between. The interweaving colors, on the other hand, fill the blankness, showing the current order that has been reset, as well as the present that is happening.

Origin: In Between is a series inspired by the unprecedented global pandemic in 2020. During this period, I have found myself in a helpless long-distance relationship, and many plans have been disrupted and hindered. In video calls day in and day out, I suddenly realized one day that the place in the screen, with its time zone opposite of mine, was also in the present. It was like I had digressed and stepped unto a different path when we were supposed to move toward the same direction, and consequently ended up at a different place of the same moment in time. The time that has passed cannot be re-lived, and I could only hope that this path would eventually lead to a point where our paths would merge once again.

Also, the world that is not Taiwan has become so different. The once familiar place is now strange to me, leaving only the person in the screen constantly reminding me that the world he inhabits still exists. With the long distance in between, we are connected through the screens—sometimes, it feels like I am looking into a magic mirror, conversing with myself in another space-time. When the video call is answered, the world becomes connected, leaving behind clues of the present that are happening.



Activity Rundown


13:00-13:10 Features of embroidery painting, introduction of simple flower and grass embroidery, sample reference (limitation of different techniques applied to materials)

13:10-13:30 Embroidery composition, composition on paper, transferring designs to cloth.
13:30-14:00 Embroidery Instruction, introduction to equipment, choosing floss colors and deciding on color schemes, introduction to embroidery techniques
14:00-17:00 Hands-on practice

Types of items for hands-on practice | (Choose A or B)
A.  MIT Canvas Bag (line art of a hand included): Bag 30 x 27 cm, handles 30 x 27 cm / DMC embroidery floss from France

B. Undyed Cotton-Linen Japanese Cloth (line art of a hand included) + hoop: Dia. Approximately 13.5 cm

- The workshop is full of 15 people.
- Respect the lecturer and other students, please report on time in advance.
- Activity participants enjoy free reservations on the day and can visit the museum before the activity (the museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00)
- This activity needs to cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures of the museum to measure forehead temperature and hand disinfection. Those who have a history of going abroad or contacting within 14 days before the course are not allowed to register.
- Since the course materials must be prepared in advance, if you want to cancel the registration after registration, please call 049-2572999 # 251 or 202 before 11/05 (Fri) 17:00 pm to cancel the registration, and the refund will be received after receiving the refund application form After 30 working days, it will be returned (excluding holidays), and the student must pay a bank transfer fee of 30 yuan. No refund will be accepted after the deadline, but you can come to retrieve the materials by yourself or pay by postage and cash on delivery.
- The organizer reserves the right to revise, change, explain the event and cancel the event. Any relevant changes will be announced on Facebook



Artist / CHIEN Ching-Fang


CHIEN Ching-Fang, or Faye, holds a BA in Theater Design from Taipei National University of the Arts and an MA in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. In addition to her creative brand, fxiii, which features illustrations created with embroidery, her practice also spans the fields of theater design, public art, interior design and exhibition spatial narrative.


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