【Workshop】Immersing in Mountains with Sound as the Medium (Cancelled)



5/29 (Sat), 5/30 (Sun) 10:30-12:30


1F-3F ,Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art



Suitable for

This activity requires a long attention span and is recommended for students over the age of 12.




Hearing the trees and listening to the mountains, there a constant flow in tranquility.

Observing people and mountains means developing an awareness of people, environment, and the relationship between people and oneself. We never cease to hear since the sense of hearing is the only one that cannot be shut down; it receives external messages consistently.


This workshop takes place in the exhibition space of Immersing in Mountains: Dissolving the Boundaries. Using sounds of drums and singing bowls to lead participants into a process of meditation, writing and sound making, which enables their bodies and minds to flow with sonic resonances and be immersed in forested mountains. During this journey, one might find elders’ wise words hidden in tree holes or even enter a state of silence after climbing over mountains to listen to oneself on the other side.

“When nature goes quiet, you understand that the purpose of everything is to create a cycle of life, a cycle of nature. The circular singing bowl represents a pathway for us to enter a quiet, strife-free world.”—TSANG Man-Tung, Listening to Singing Bowls

Perhaps, human beings can eventually be freed from attachments to or fearfulness of mountains. Instead, we can plant a tree within the mind that enables us to see a mountain and retrieve our nature.



Activity Rundown


10:30-10:50 Self-introduction, sharing the experience and symbols of trees and mountains

10:50-11:10 Walking through the woods, He wants to say to you...
11:10-11:20 Break time
11:20-11:50 Flow to stillness, singing bowls rest
11:50-12:05 Intuitive writing
12:05-12:30 Voice to the mountain



Intimate reminder


- During the workshop, the museum park and the exhibition hall are not open to visit. Workshop students should gather at the gate of the park at 10:10-10:20 and be brought into the exhibition hall by a special person.


- Participation in the whole activity is required. Latecomers will be deemed to have given up, and no refunds will be accepted. Please do not register if you mind.


- During the epidemic prevention period, please cooperate with the forehead temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the gate. If you have symptoms such as a cold or fever (forehead temperature above 37 degrees C), you are not allowed to enter the museum.

- The art gallery has chair cushions, and you can bring your own yoga mats if you like.


- The activity does not include lunch.





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◌◌ Leaders◌◌


Image credit - Island Kirin Ed

◜ Lin Wanying◞ ◟


In recent years, he has been involved in music performance, interior design, interview editing, and exhibition planning. Due to the many opportunities that came to him, he began to develop an interest in nature and spiritual themes. In 2017, he studied Tibetan singing bowls with Amita. The following year, he was invited to translate the book "Sound Healing: Arousing the Healing Power of Overtones in the Human Voice". He accompanied the author Wayne Perry's Vocal Healing Workshop to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as an accompanying teaching assistant and Chinese interpreter. Afterwards, he also visited Chiang Mai in Thailand and Ubud in Bali to learn Sufi Rotation Dynamic Meditation, application of herbal medicines, massage of tendons, awareness meridian healing and different systems of sound therapy.


Currently, he is the director of "Capture Studio". He believes that all healing starts from self-knowledge, connecting with all things in nature between deep breathing and deep breathing, and experiencing the infinite body.

◝ ◜ Zhong Yujing◞ ◟


+Tibetan singing bowl

+ Ore healing

+ Reiki Energy Practitioner


After learning the piano every day, writing interviews, exploring the extension of outerwear and body, the classical post-rock viola player, the manager of a multinational brand, the inheritance of the light of the ore aura singing bowl, I finally found that all things are actually one, and then All the mysteries that are helpful to us will arise from the power of this understanding, entering or leaving, all on the same path.

May you awaken with healing and love, and walk with peace and light.