Internship application

Yuxiu Art Museum (hereinafter referred to as the museum) aims to cultivate talents for modern art research and art management operations.
Assist domestic universities and colleges to cultivate researchers in museums and art galleries, and promote exchanges between the museum and academic institutions,

Specially provide domestic and foreign university students to the library for practice and research.

Students from domestic and foreign universities and colleges who meet the application qualifications are welcome to apply to the library during the application period.

Yuxiu Art Museum Summer Intern Recruitment Application


1. Studying in domestic and foreign universities and colleges is not limited (preferred departments: museology, art, education, graphic or spatial design, leisure and tourism, business management marketing, mass communication)

2. The majors are not limited, and those who have special needs and interests in contemporary art or museology research and art education or related practical training.

3. Cheerful personality, proactive, and willing to work as a team.

internship period

1. Every year from July 1st to September 30th, Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00, Thursday 9:00-15:00.

2. The number of internship hours shall not be less than 200 hours. (The leave must be approved by the department supervisor, otherwise the internship certificate will not be issued.)

Internship Content

1. Assign to each department for internship according to the applicant's learning, expertise and interest. (In order to help understand the various businesses of the museum, it is recommended that interns participate in the relevant lectures and exhibitions of the museum)

2. The art museum department includes: public service group, education promotion group

public service group

1. Audience Services.

2. Audio guide learning and writing

3. Support library affairs.


Education Promotion Team

1. Cooperate with the implementation and planning of educational activities.

2. Social media content production

3. Audience research.

4. Support library affairs.


Internship application process

Please prepare the following materials: application form (Appendix 1), resume, autobiography, internship and study plan objectives, and send them to Yuxiu Art Museum (542 Caotun Town, Nantou City) by email ([email protected]) or by post. No. 26, Lane 150, Jianxing Road, Pinglinli> Education Promotion Group, and note: Intern Application Form.

• Notification: After passing the first stage of examination, the applicant will be notified to go to the museum or have a telephone interview.

• Registration: After passing the interview, the applicant will be notified to register at the specified time and start the internship.

Application Deadline Due to the prevention of COVID-19, no interns will be recruited this year.

Internship certificateAfter completing the internship hours, submitting the internship experience and passing the assessment, the library will issue an internship certificate. The assessment content includes attendance assessment, work performance, service enthusiasm, and internship experience report.

Internship salaryNo pay (no accommodation provided)

Internship benefits

1. Meals are served at noon, and one free drink from the Art Museum Cafe on duty days.

2. Provide group insurance.

Contact window049-2572999#212 Education Promotion Huang Weiqian