Caotun Yuxiu Art Museum exits and operates Jiujiufeng Ecological Art Park and returns to the management of Nantou County Governm




Yuxiu Art Museum "Thinking Space" (Jiujiufeng Ecological Art Park, Caotun Town) will return to the Nantou County Government from today (March 1). Yuxiu Art Museum has operated this space for three years (2017-2019), with the mission of art sharing and promotion. Every year, many art and cultural activities are held in this space for the general public. The museum will cease to continue acting, but the museum will continue to prepare other space fields, and the concept of deep cultivation of art education will not be interrupted.

In February 2017, the Nantou County Government entrusted the adjacent Yuxiu Art Museum to manage the Yizhisen Ecological Art Museum in the Jiujiufeng Ecological Art Park in Caotun Town. The art museum named this space "Thinking Space". The first floor is planned as an art information center and a venue for art and literature exhibitions. Many art and literature exhibitions and lecture courses are held every year. The second floor is an aesthetics library, which provides nearly 2,000 art books. Books that allow the public to enjoy the atmosphere of reading in the forest.


From March 1 this year, this space will return to the Nantou County Government, and has completed the site handover procedure with the county government responsible unit. Ms. Ye Yuxiu, chairman of Yuxiu Art Museum, said that she would like to thank all the friends who have come to "Thinking Space" in the past three years to participate in art and cultural activities and use the reading space, and sincerely thank you all to experience nature and art in the Jiujiufeng Ecological Art Park. Although it is not possible to continue to operate this space now, the operation of the art museum to provide art promotion activities and share art books has not ended. It will also continue to enhance the concept of aesthetic education and promotion of the art museum through the space adjustment of the Yuxiu Art Museum.









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