【My art class is in the art gallery】The 3rd class

November 8, 2016 Changhua County Xinbao Elementary School

The high self-discipline of these 28 fifth- and sixth-grade students is impressive!

Listening to the guide's explanation was very quiet and attentive, but also showed a high degree of participation in the guide's questions, which made us feel their curiosity and desire for art.
Director Zhuo said that the students are very unfamiliar with art. For many years, the class tutors have been in charge of art classes. In 20102-105, due to the funds for the art deep cultivation plan, only local artists can be hired for art deep cultivation teaching. The plan is in 9 After the month expires, the art class will be resumed by the class tutor.
In this art class in the art museum, students not only recognize famous artists and works of art, but also see the creativity and imagination of artists in their works.
Thank you, Ms. Li Lanqin, the sponsor of the third class of "My Art Class is in the Art Museum". Because of your sponsorship, 28 senior students from Xinbao Elementary School came to the art museum to take art classes and have a new vision of art. I hope they The world is opened up by being able to see art.


thank you sponsor


Ms. Li Lanqin