【My art class is in the art gallery】The 12th class

March 23, 2017 Changhua County Fude Elementary School

An art class in an art museum has a limited impact on the current situation of art education in Taiwan, but it can have a subtle influence on every student who comes to the class.
Therefore, we hope that through the "My Art Class in the Art Museum" program, in the environment of the art museum, we will bring schoolchildren to learn to watch the works, feel the works and express their thoughts on the works. We are convinced that once they learn this method of learning art, this method will be deeply rooted in their minds, and when they come into contact with art in the future, they will intuitively learn in this way.
Using the unique solo exhibitions of the four young artists, the museum educators took the 29 sixth-grade students through interactive guided tours, from Lu Yanyu's solo exhibition "Habitat", Huang Pintong's solo exhibition "Encounter" and Yang Boyao's solo exhibition "Consumption Story" ”, learn about different creative media (ceramic, wood, oil paint, canvas), creative forms (sculpture and oil painting), and different creative themes (the relationship between habitat and people, various encounters in life, diet and consumption issues) ).
Finally, in the exhibition room of Lu Fang's solo exhibition "Is the Past and Not the Present", the educators did not give a tour first, but asked 29 children to divide into four groups to discuss the composition content of the selected paintings in a group manner, and After the group representatives share the ideas that the paintings bring to the viewers, the educators will provide additional explanations.
After the 15-minute discussion time, each group assigned a classmate to the stage to share, listening to the students' sharing, we felt that the "My Art Class in the Art Museum" project was slowly affecting the people who came to the art museum one by one. We are convinced that there is no immediate educational plan for the children of 100,000 people. Only the educators who silently plant and transplant rice will have the opportunity to see an acre of green paddy fields in the future.
Thank you to the sponsor of the 12th class of "My Art Class in the Art Museum" - Zhou Xiuru (founder of Gallery Sunshang Gallery), because of your sponsorship, 29 sixth-grade students from Fude Primary School in Changhua County came to the art museum to learn and watch Art, showing the ability to interpret a painting.


thank you sponsor


Zhou Xiuru (Founder of Gallery Sun Shang Gallery)

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