【Photo collection】My artificial landscape





Instagram, third floor of Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art



Suitable for

Anyone who loves photography at home and abroad can participate




Through the collaboration of photography and painting, the four participating artists created an "artificial landscape" belonging to this era.
This event invites everyone to use mobile phones and cameras to take pictures of artificial landscapes in their own eyes.

Share with everyone through the Instagram platform. After the recruitment, several popular photos that match the theme will be selected and displayed in the "Artificial Landscape-City is Installation Art" exhibition, and will be given to the account of the top three photos with the highest number of favorite photos on Instagram. Exquisite little gifts around the exhibition.

Recruitment period|2022/2/8-4/24

List of exhibitions and popular awards|2022/4/25 Announcement at 12:00 noon

Works display|After the collection is over, several photos will be selected and displayed on the third floor of the museum (with the photographer's account number beside the works).
The museum will privately message the photo account before 4/26, please account users to send the photo file to [email protected] before 23:59 pm on 2022/4/27, with the title of the letter "My artificial landscape + Instagram account"Overtime is deemed to be waived.

By participating in the fundraising activities, you agree to authorize Yuxiu Art Museum to display the works.

During the exhibition|2022/5/3-5/29 

Popularity Awards|
3 in total
One exhibition-limited puzzle + two exhibition-limited ice cream cup coupons for one person
One piece of exhibition limited puzzle
Exhibition limited ice cream cup exchange coupons for 2 1 person

Prize redemption|The three popular winners should send "real name, phone number, address, email" to Yuxiu Art Museum's Instagram account by private message before 23:59 on 2022/4/28, overtime will be regarded as giving up



photography theme



Photo content must have"Natural Elements"and"Artificial Elements"of"No Man's Landscape"



How to participate



1. Follow Yuxiu Art Museum's Instagram account@yuhsiu.museum
2. Upload the photo to the Instagram platform and set the personal account as public
3. Tag Yuxiu Art Museum's Instgram account @yuhsiu.museum

4. Set 2 active title Hashtags#my artificial landscape #artificial landscape city is installation art
The above steps must be completed to participate in the fundraiser




Exhibition Information"Artificial Landscape - City is Installation Art" 

"Artificial Landscape - City is Installation Art" Exhibition Limited Puzzle Market Price/RMB 1,050
Green/brown models are shipped randomly

"Artificial Landscape - City is Installation Art" Exhibition limited ice cream cup market price / 220 yuan
Redemption Date: 5/3-5/29
Italian handmade ice cream, bean paste, chocolate
The taste is based on the scene and changes from time to time

Exchange method


Puzzle: After receiving the winner's information, send the puzzle to the recipient's mailing address.
Ice Cream Cup: After receiving the winner's information, send the ice cream exchange coupon to the winner's e-mail, and present the electronic exchange coupon at Baishu Cafe of Yuxiu Art Museum to exchange (one exchange coupon can only be exchanged for two Second-rate)

Artificial Landscape - City as Installation Art Past

Artificial Landscape - City as Installation Art

2022.01.08 - 2022.05.29 | 1F-3F, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art

Artificial Landscape - City as Installation Art