【Workshop】Molding Memories—Paper Fiber Object Workshop



2020/12/27 Sun. 13:00-17:00


T-Dung Cafe


NT 650

Suitable for

This activity requires a long time of attention and is recommended for students over 12 years old to participate




We always take objects in our life for granted because they are common things that we are overly familiar with. However, there are always some objects that we cherish dearly. Even though they might be thing that we have picked up somewhere randomly, we might simply keep them for a long time. Whether personal or strange objects, they might create unique meanings, perhaps due to their sentimental value as a symbol of our connection with other people or our longing and imagination of the unknown.


This workshop invites contemporary artist and fiber specialist CHEN Ying-Ting to guide the participants to re-observe, touch and feel their chosen objects. Through a creative process comprising extracting plants’ sap and dying paper fiber, the participants can experience the change of materials while molding a new supple sculptural body of the objects, immersing themselves in the sculpting world informed by object memory and imagination.


The workshop is divided into two stages: The first stage will be a group effort, for which participants are divided into two groups to collect plants for extracting sap. They will visit the surrounding environment of the museum to understand its natural resources. Each group will then gather one plant for dying paper fiber. The second stage will be carried out by each participant individually, who will use the newly dyed paper fiber and the object of their choice to experiment with the creation of a soft sculpture.



Activity Rundown


13:00-13:15 Introduction to the workshop and processes.

13:15-13:45 Participants are divided into two groups for discussing and gathering plants.
13:45-14:25 Extracting dye solution (boiled, filtered and kept at a fixed temperature) and introduction to subsequent steps and sharing of creative experiences.
14:25-16:25 4. Instructor demonstrates the techniques of dying paper fiber and wrapping an object followed by a hands-on practice by participants.
16:25-17:00 Participants share about their works.





1. Please bring 2 to 4 items with special meaning to you.


2. The maximum size of each object should not exceed 30 cm, and not less than 10 cm.


3. It is recommended to choose objects with a "rough" surface as much as possible, which is easier to demould.


4. Avoid "paper" objects, and avoid too many details in object modeling to facilitate practice. .


5. The climate in mountainous areas is changeable, please bring appropriate clothing by yourself.


6. Workshop students can visit Yuxiu Art Museum without reservation on the event day (one student can visit with a friend).




CHEN Ying-Ting , contemporary fiber artist, his works have won the bronze prize of the 2018 German "BKV Art and Craft Competition", the 2016 Portugal "Contemporary Textile Art Biennale", and the 2014 Italian "Vachirina Award - International Contemporary Textile/Fiber Art Competition" Bronze Award , 2013 "SUAVE Spain 5th International Textile Accessories Selection Triennial", "Abuquerque Fiber Art Biennale, New Mexico, USA", "2013 Kaohsiung Award" first prize, 2012 "From Lausanne to Beijing - The 7th International Fiber Art Exhibition" Art Biennale", "Talente 2012" in Germany.

Ying Ting makes fabric accessories in daily life. She uses natural fiber materials, and uses the techniques of rust dyeing and plant hand dyeing to create objects for daily wear. She focuses on fibrous materials. "Rust Objects" is Ying Ting's creative project since 2014. It collects rusty iron objects with emotional meaning to the owner, through the silk and ugan yarn. Rust-stained objects that record iron.

For details on the creation plan, see:Rusted Objects


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