【Summer Event】18th Birthday Promise





The main hall of Yuxiu Art Museum, Chaoyan Cafe


Free to attend

suitable object

18-year-old youth (born in July 1989)




If summer can be tame and restless, then it must be the midsummer of the year of 18;
The restless young soul swept up in the sun, and the memories of youth that feel dizzy.

The weather in July is humid and sultry, and the high temperature makes people dizzy all day long. However, youth is so beautiful and so cruel. Sweet past in summer.

Let the 18-year-old day add an unforgettable memory to the art museum; in such a frantic summer, we make an agreement with you to soothe the restless soul of the 18-year-old, and give birthday wishes. May every summer in the future, I can recall the memories I spent in the art museum at the age of 18 ————————


Activities method


Step1│ Go to the service desk of the main building, show your ID card (July 1989), fill in the information, and exchange for a birthday afternoon tea exchange coupon
Step2│ Choose your favorite place (outside the exhibition site and the park), and the staff will take pictures for you
Step3│ Take the voucher to Chaoyan Cafe, enjoy birthday afternoon tea, and write down your mood on the postcard, and the art museum will send it to you

(The birthday gift includes birthday afternoon tea, congratulations photocard (with photos taken by the birthday star in the museum), and postcards)

│ Precautions │
*Birthday afternoon tea includes 1 cake and 2 drinks
*All birthdays in July 1989 can participate, not limited to the birthday, and each person can only redeem once
*The museum reserves the right to change all activities