【Parent-child workshop】Explore the fantasy world of improvised limbs



2018.11.03 (Sat) 14:00-16:00|Assembly time 13:30


Yuxiu Art Museum Thinking Space


800 yuan for each parent-child group (the course value is 1,000 yuan), and 400 yuan for a single person|There are finished works of this activity that can be brought home. There are 30 people in total

suitable object

For parent-child audiences who want to meet improvisational limbs, children must be over 7 years old and accompanied by a parent.



"Improv Comedy" Parent-Child Workshop

"Improvisation and exploration" is an invitation and opening to life,
Allow all the possibilities of the "now" to come to you and me,
Open yourself up and be sincere to all that is happening in your life right now,
It's an exercise in learning to trust life and yourself.
It takes courage and trust to improvise, let go and give yourself to life!

"Art" is not only unfathomable in art museums,
Art is not just for the gifted.
Art is about people, life, emotional flow, physical expression,

It is the innate creative ability of every human being.

Find and explore the truest self through body and creation!
Yuxiu Art Museum invites you to go to the art laboratory, Ms. Li Qiongdie, Milla,
Rediscover our improv body through improv comedy, role-playing.

※This activity focuses on emotional and physical exploration.



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Account Name: Ye Yuxiu


Artist introduction



Lecturer|MILLA · Li Qiongdie/

In order to explore the founder of the art laboratory, as well as the curriculum development and teaching planning of the laboratory. Ms. Milla · Li Qiongdie is good at using various elements of nature and breathing healing, limbs and creativity development, and guiding the expansion of the body's rhythm to join improvisation.
I have been engaged in art education for nearly 6 years. During this period, I have been visiting Europe, South America, Nepal and other countries to practice improvisation dance, art healing and exploring the inner world. At the same time, I have also integrated various fields of study into the curriculum teaching system, 1000 hours The above teaching experience, more than 60 workshops, course activities experience, and then develop various experimental teaching plans.

Department of Fine Arts, Huafan University
MIA LU Art Studio/Project Management
Mama Mia Family Center StartheART/ Messy art art teacher
Fran Porcelain Imagination Project / Old and old artists and young artists as teaching plan
Mouth and Neck Love Foundation Expressive Art Creation Companion Program
Provincial government's daily policy/local culture workshop
Create Go! Explore to the Art Lab

Experience a BioDynamic Breath workshop
Inner Door Meditation Workshop (Osho System)
Happy Cell Dance Workshop
Optical Flow Integrative Medicine Respiratory Group Therapy Workshop
Spiritual Healing Professional Course/Teacher Training at Santamar College
Encounter with Inner Child Painted Healing Course
Dance of Light Workshop
Explore Origin Field Painting and Healing Workshop
Body Original Dance Improvisational Body Development Course


Design and Collaborative Teaching Assistant|Pang Aiwen/

Go and explore, overall design teaching materials research and development and joint management and promotion

Department of Visual Communication Design, Lingdong University of Science and Technology
Seed Design・Planning Office\Graphic Design
Brand Design\Brand Design
Guangyuanxin Business Group\Brand Design
Provincial government daily scattered policy \ local culture workshop
Created the "See You Again - Taiwan Military Dependents' Village Documentary Project" \ Planning and documenting the cultural map of the military-related villages
Walk and explore to Art Lab\Overall Design. Program Promotion, Teaching Materials, Design Director
Go Explore Art Lab \ Children's, Adult Art, Course Teaching Assistants
Go explore to the original land summer camp design thinking picture book teaching

2015 Golden Pin Design Badge Award
GALLERY design magazine \ works collection
Pentawards International Packaging Design Awards
Santama College Spiritual Healing Professional Course\Training Teachers

Studio Profile/

About walking and exploring to the art lab —

"Going and exploring to the art laboratory" integrates a set of art therapy system through teaching experiments, and returns the leadership and choice of creation to each person. Dialogue with nature in art, integrate meditation, breathing, situational guidance, etc. to open up the creativity of the senses and intuition, let the experience flow naturally in the emotions and the body, and enjoy the art of the senses and mind, naturally flow, balance the body and mind, and open the spiritual energy and connect with creativity.

At the same time, it carries out trainings such as art healing and meditation; while constantly exploring inwards, it integrates various fields of art majors, and then develops various experimental teaching plans. He is good at using various elements of nature and breathing healing, limbs and creativity development, and guiding the expansion of the rhythm of the body to join improvisation. When you see the beauty within yourself, you will see that everyone is an artist, unique and vast starlight that adds many different colors to the world! There is unlimited creativity and potential within!

We invite you to follow us to expand with art, explore with your body, and discover a different self and a different world together!

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